6 Reasons Why You Must Visit French Polynesia

Thinking of a perfect island destination for your next vacation? Consider visiting French Polynesia, where you will find paradise on earth.

A beach vacation is the best way to melt away all your pent-up stress. But, if you are looking for something more than a visit to the nearest beach, certain places are the perfect holiday destinations for ocean lovers.

French Polynesia, the gem of the South Pacific Ocean, is a cluster of tropical islands filled with peaking ancient volcanoes, serene nature, and turquoise blue waters. Every fantasy you have of a tropical island gateway can come true in these faraway french archipelagos.

The islands are where all your stress and tiredness wash away simply by being there. However, if you need more reasons, here are a few that will make you want to cancel all your schedules and jump on the next flight to French Polynesia.

Indigo Waters

The most beautiful part of being in French Polynesia is the clear, calm, and colorful waters of the south pacific. These are places where the sky is so clear and the sunlight so bright that the water moves between shades of indigo and teal, giving you the most visually dynamic beach you can ask for.

Walk on the beaches of Bora Bora or Tahiti and take a dip into the sparkling turquoise waters of the serene ocean. Paired with the lush vegetation, the beaches in French Polynesia are so scenic, you will never want to leave.

Due to the islands being featured in luxury magazines and celebrity reality shows, people often think that French Polynesia is too expensive for ordinary people. But, it is possible to visit Bora Bora on a budget! With a little research and planning, your dream vacation can become a reality.

Volcanic Exploration

French Polynesia is filled with mountainous islands. If you have ever seen a volcano up close, you know exactly how scary, exciting, and intriguing it can be.

There are twelve volcanoes in the entire country and only two of them are active. Some have been dormant for thousands of years, others have gone extinct.

There is plenty to do in French Polynesia if you love volcanoes and wish to go on mountain expeditions. Hiking within the lava tubes of Hitia’a is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can try climbing Mount Tohivea in Moorea. There are many mountains in French Polynesia if you are looking for tropical climbs.

You can also opt for cave exploration, particularly Maraa Grotto in Tahiti or the caves of the island Rurutu. There are caves scattered all over French Polynesia, you can also try cave diving to experience the wonders of natural cave pools.

Excellent Accommodation

Have you seen photos of those beautiful overwater bungalows floating on the aqua blue waters of a lagoon? Chances are these are pictures of Bora Bora. Although you will find other islands in French Polynesia that have overwater bungalows, none has as many as Bora Bora.

You might have experienced hotel accommodations with a private pool or bathrooms that have amazing tubs or even a cottage with its private beach, but none of that can compare to these overwater villas.

Experiences the joys of staying in a bungalow that is floating over the ocean. You can take a dip in the lagoon or sunbathe in the privacy of the porch of your bungalow. Indulge in a one-of-a-kind dreamlike experience that no other luxury accommodation can give you.

Exotic Food

The food is mainly traditional Polynesian island cuisine with a touch of French influence. Some food is served raw and others are cooked in underground ovens in the exotic island style.

One traditional Tahitian dish you must try is ei’a ota or Poisson Cru, which is marinated raw fish. The fish is marinated in island-grown ingredients like lime juice and coconut milk and served with freshly cut salad veggies.

You will find almost every exotic seafood you can find, from clams and crabs to sea urchins and ‘Mahi Mahi’.

Taro is a key ingredient in many cuisines and is used both in savory and sweet items, such as Poulet Fafa or Poé.

Other must-try dishes are breakfast items like ‘firi firi’, number 8 shaped donuts, or banana crepes called pua roti.

While in the south pacific, you must try their fresh fruits like mangoes, papayas, pineapples, coconut, etc. which are often included in or eaten as desserts.

Unique Cultural Fusion

Of all the exotic places you can visit, French Polynesia will stand out like a gleaming gem. Polynesian people have an exquisite cultural blend of native traditions of islanders, mixed with influences from French colonization and early Chinese visitors. This is the reason behind having a diverse range of cuisine.

Dive into the unique tribal culture that is so close and preserving towards nature, that you get a true taste of becoming an islander. You must go on cultural tours and visit some of the ancient stone structures and statues found all over French Polynesia.

Their culture centers around the water body and one way of experiencing this are by taking part in water sports like swimming, traditional surfing, or riding the Polynesian Outrigger canoe.

You can check out, and buy their traditional crafts, which are handmade/handwoven. The flowers blooming in the land also have significance, so do take your time to learn about them.

Vibrant Sea Life

A vital reason why you should visit French Polynesia is to witness the magnificent sea life they have. The French Polynesian coral reefs are beautiful and teeming with sea life. You can go snorkeling in the coral reefs or simply take a dive in the lagoons, and you will get to see the colorful sea creatures.

Scuba diving is another great way of experiencing sea life in French Polynesia. Other exciting sea activities include whale watching, jet-skiing, deep-sea diving, etc.

Final Thoughts

You can experience islander heaven in French Polynesia. From their rich culture and delicious delicacies to their sea sports and fun-filled activities, you will not run out of activities in the islands.

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