6 Proven Fishing Tactics To Get Your Biggest Catch

If you are an outdoor lover and a water baby at the same time, fishing is the best activity to explore. It offers a perfect combination of thrill, fitness, and concentration, and you will love every session more than the last. Nothing makes a fishing trip more exciting than landing with a big catch. But it is easier said than done, as even seasoned pros end up sitting for hours waiting for a single fish in their hook. While there are no shortcuts to getting your baskets full of fish, you can follow some tried and tested tactics to maximize your catch. Here are the ones successful fishermen swear by.

Find the right spot

This one is a no-brainer as you must be where the catch is. Finding the right spot is easier than you think, as you can rely on Google Maps for finding potential fishing locations. Look for lakes, creeks, ponds, and rivers nearby, and you may find a hidden gem unexpectedly. It is a good idea if camping in a new location and have no idea about the place. You can also talk to seasoned fishing lovers who have been there and done it. Some research before planning the trip always helps if you want to land a treasure with your rod.

Gear up

Once you find the ideal location, you must check your gear checklist for the spree. For a beginner, all fishing rods are the same. But fishing experts can have some recommendations for the ideal equipment. They also emphasize investing in different rods, considering their weights and features. Before packing them in your car, make sure you can differentiate between them. It can be hard if all the rods are of the same color, and you may not want to waste time and effort lifting each one. Use colored tape to mark them by weight. Pack tackle box essentials such as scissors, nail clippers, safety pins, and corks. You will need them to store and handle your hoods and swivels.

Invest in a fishing kayak

If you are serious about fishing and want to do it for the long haul, a fishing kayak makes a worthy investment. It enables you to traverse different kinds of water bodies and catch all kinds of fish. Check the best Fishing Kayaks and opt for one that matches your needs and fits into your budget. The investment is worthwhile because you need not rent a kayak every time you want to embark on an outdoor trip. You will love every moment riding a kayak and max your catch as a bonus.

Choose the best bait

Getting a bigger catch is also about choosing the best bait. Using insects from the location is a great idea as they do not damage the ecosystem. They also tend to have a better success rate. You can also maximize the catch by dipping the bait in cod liver oil as it becomes more appealing to the fish. Consider switching up your baits because it gives you better chances if one type does not work. Research the preferences of different fish at the location and choose your bait accordingly.

Consider the surrounding environment

If getting a catch seems to be a struggle, you can consider the surrounding environment to pick some cues. For example, seagulls circling ahead or dolphins breaching the water indicate the presence of a big catch. These predators know where their food is, so you can follow the lead and take your kayak in the right direction. A little vigilance takes you a long way, and you will get better at recognizing these signs as you gain more experience with the activity.

Protect against the elements

The final piece of advice relates to equipment maintenance as quality gear takes you a step closer to big catches. Saltwater fishing can lead to equipment deterioration over time. So it is worth protecting your expensive gear with some simple measures. Soaking your saltwater reels in water every time you return from a trip can save it from rusting and deteriorating. Slotting silicon packets into the tackle box ensures the longevity of fishing hooks as they prevent rusting.

Getting bigger catches during your fishing sprees takes more than sheer good luck and expertise. It is also about the basics, from picking the best location to having the right gear and choosing an ideal bait. Once you have everything in place, you are all set to return with loads of fish every time you go for a spree on the water.

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