Hotels Providing Sustainable Luxury in Dream-Worthy Destinations

The concept of “going green” through the practice of sustainability is among the most important global discussion points that businesses, nonprofits, government, and individuals partake in.

While most businesses and citizens interested in the concept of committing to sustainability via green practices to improve their financial bottom line, there are plenty of major corporations and aspiring entrepreneurs who are truly passionate about making the world a better place.

However, there is a certain population of business owners who strive to achieve the concept of sustainable luxury, namely through hotels and resorts.  At first glance, the term “sustainable luxury” seems akin to an impossibility, or at least an oxymoron of sorts.

However, through ingenuity and innovation, environmentally-friendly resorts and hotels have emerged as a truly viable option in many of the most dreamy and beautiful locations throughout the world.

These sustainable luxury destinations specialize in catering to increasingly sophisticated consumers that demand only the most exclusive and authentic experiences.

Read on below to discover fascinating information about sustainable luxury hotels located in some of the most glorious locales on the planet.

The Brando resort in French Polynesia:

This remarkable resort hotel encompasses an astounding level of sustainability with singularly extraordinary results.  Harnessing the power of a biofuel power station in conjunction with the warm South Pacific sunshine, all of the hotel’s energy is fueled by coconut oil and is entirely renewable.

The Brando’s specialized seawater air conditioning system transfers the cold ocean water to land pipes for converted use throughout the building. Even rainwater is utilized, via the collection of the water from puddling rain on rooftops to supply all toilets, as well as for laundry service.

Gran Hotel La Florida Barcelona Spain:

Forbes Travel Guide recommends Gran Hotel La Florida as “one of the best luxury hotels in Barcelona.”

This stunning hotel is made from wrought iron and repurposed antique tapestries from its original incarnation in 1925. Used as a hospital site during the civil war, the Gran Hotel returned to its storied roots in 1950.

The buildings original structure dating back to 1925 had remained mostly intact, while many of the original decorative and structural elements were meticulously repurposed, reclaimed, and renovated.

The hotel’s breathtaking collection of artwork includes contemporary sculptures from various artists to represent the inherent elements of the earth and its light and water.

Among the most incredible experiences to be had at this famed hotel is taking a dip in their thirty-seven meter indoor and outdoor heated stainless steel pools that are beautifully framed by the cool blue Barcelona skies.

The stainless steel construction of the pool mirrors the consistent use of glass and stainless steel throughout the entirety of the hotel, culminating in a modern aesthetic that is at the time rich with historical detailing.

In today’s modern times, well-seasoned travelers seeking sustainable luxury destinations have an increasing number of high-caliber options to choose from.

As the concept of luxury sustainability continues to grow in popularity amongst world travelers, hotels are responding in kind by featuring spectacular accommodations that are environmentally-friendly, thoroughly sustainable, and showcasing plenty of ingenuity and innovative spirit.

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