4 Tips on How to in Rock Buenos Aires at Night

Buenos Aires is known as a city that never sleeps, and with good reason as this city has a fantastic nightlife. From the walks down beautiful lit streets to dancing passionate tango to relaxing in bars and clubs, everything you can want for is there. You’ll need to follow some simple safety rules on your night out in Buenos Aires. However, a tourist who takes reasonable precautions has little to fear in this amazing city at night.

4 Tips for an Unforgettable Night Out in Buenos Aires
1.      Start your night with a good dinner

If you plan on drinking when you explore many of the bars and clubs of Buenos Aires, you need to have a good meal before this. Be sure to eat something filling and with a healthy dose of fat in it. This will boost your resistance to alcohol and prevent you from feeling completely shattered in the morning.

The best places to get a delicious dinner for a reasonable price are:

 Don Julio for the best steaks.
 Santos Manjarez for excellent meat and wines as well as traditional Argentinian dishes.
Postiano Lirica for the Italian and Mediterranean cuisines and excellent entertainment.
 Mi Coleccion de Vinos for incredible wines and great food from both Argentinian and International cuisines.

2.      Plan your route during the day

Buenos Aires is a huge city and it’s not a place you can wander through all night long. There are certain neighborhoods that are best avoided after dark and some others that simply have nothing to offer to a tourist.

Therefore, to get the most out of your adventure, you should plan your night out in Buenos Aires well in advance. You should start with memorizing the places you want to see lighted up in the evening as many of the city’s streets are stunning at night. You can make a list of those while exploring the city by day. The best way to do this is to take free walking tours in Buenos Aires. Those will take you to the main attractions and you can even talk to the guide about which areas you should revisit at night. This is also a good time to make a mental list of downtown bars and cafes you’d like to have a drink in.

3.      Use safe transport options only

Taxi is the safest way to get around on a night out in Buenos Aires. However, you need to be careful with taxis as well because some drivers might take advantage of inebriated tourists. If possible, ask your hotel to call a taxi for you. It’s always safer to call a car by phone or app which allows you to contact a legitimate taxi service than to catch a cab on the street.

Use the Vajo en Taxi service to calculate approximate cost of your ride so you aren’t overcharged. Some of the reliable taxi services in Buenos Aires are:

• Taxi Premium
 Easy Taxi

When hailing a cab in the street, look for Radio Taxi as they register all the vehicles.

4.      Dress like a local

Many people are tempted to ‘dress to impress’ while on a night out in Buenos Aires. But the safest option for a tourist everywhere is to stand out as little as possible. Fear not, people in Argentina like to dress up for a night of partying as well, so you’ll be able to wear some fancy clothes and fit in.

The smart thing to do is to forego flashy jewelry and keep your top-of-the-line smartphone in the hotel’s safe. Use a cheap phone so you can call a cab or make other important calls. You should also wear something that will allow you to conceal your wallet and keep it securely on your person at all times. Never forget that no matter which city you visit, if there are tourists, pickpockets will be nearby as well.

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