The 7 Best Fall Motorcycle Destinations

There is not a more beautiful time to ride a motorcycle, then in the fall. The cool breeze hitting your face, the changing colors of the leaves, and the constant reminders of nature’s beauty all make riding in the fall a treat. No matter where you are in the United States, there is a must-see highway in the fall waiting for you.

This fall take off your waterproof motorcycle cover and hit the road for some of the most remarkable rides in the United States.

Beartooth Highway– Southwest Montana, Northwest Wyoming

The great Beartooth Highway is a great western destination for all bikers in the fall. Providing access to Yellowstone’s northeast entrance, the park is an entryway to the nation’s most beautiful parks.

The highway makes its way across a rough Beartooth mountain range and holds the title for the highest elevated highway in the northern Rocky Mountains. Beartooth is home to some stunning views, numerous outdoor recreation opportunities, and up-close and personal wildlife viewing.

This ride will be your best bet if you are riding in the Rocky Mountains region.

Tail of the Dragon (Deal’s Gap)– Tennessee, North Carolina

The Tail of the Dragon is a highway that never disappoints bikers from all over the United States. The very short eleven-mile stretch contains 318 curves that give US Highway 129 its name.

Tail of the Dragon is bordered by the Great Smoky Mountains, and the Cherokee National Forest giving bikers the ultimate scenery when riding this road. This highway is even featured in movies like The Fugitive, and Two-Lane Blacktop.

Tight turns, cold wind blowing on your face, and wildlife encounters are all things you can expect from this ride in the fall.

Blue Ridge Parkway– North Carolina, Virginia

The mid-October leaf change is a big reason the Blue Ridge Parkway hosts 15-million visitors every year. Traveling through mountains like Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, will give bikers the most extraordinary views when winding through the Southern Appalachians.

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers riders a chance to go back in time to two-lane roads and slowing life down to just enjoy the views. On this ride, you will experience everything from Cherokee culture, to Southern Appalachian agriculture with lots of opportunities to entertain visitors.

The parkway is world renowned for their biodiversity and wildlife.

Tunnel of Trees– Coastal Michigan

The M-119 highway takes bikers across the coast of Lake Michigan giving them an opportunity to see beautiful fall foliage. The 20-mile stretch of road starts in Petoskey, Michigan and takes you through the tourist town of Harbor Springs.

This road weaves along the banks of Lake Michigan, with rich hardwoods aligning each side of the highway. The trees create a tree canopy giving bikers a chance to see the changing leaf colors, and beautiful waterfront views.

This short highway will bring bikers from the Midwest and beyond in the fall.

 Pacific Coast Highway– Oregon, California

A portion of State Route 1, along with the Pacific Coastline, is a beautiful place to ride in the fall. The Northwest United States provide great fall views among giant trees, next to beautiful coastline.

The drive takes five hours to complete and is considered a thrill-seeking road. No guard-rails are just one thing that creates a little danger for bikers. The steep cliffs, narrow shoulders, and steep drop-offs provide scenic bikers a little thrill as well.

This road also is not as crowded during the fall as it is during the peak months of July and August, which makes fall a great time to check this thrilling highway out.

 Skyline Drive– Virginia

Skyline Drive is one of the most photographed stretches of highways in the United States, and maybe even the world. This is no exception during the fall season. Skyline Drive runs for 105 miles north and south, along with the Blue Ridge Mountains and in the Shenandoah National Park.

The highway contains nearly 70 overlooks and keeps a strict 35 miles per hour, speed limit. Being in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the highway consists of lots of wildlife and beautifully colored leaves.

This road gives riders a chance to slow down and take in all of nature’s beauty.

Pig Trail Scenic Byway– Arkansas

What a better place to experience fall riding for bikers then the Pig Trail Scenic Byway. This byway was named the top motorcycle ride in the United States by the USA Today Readers’ Choice Poll.

The 24-mile ride takes you through the Arkansas River Valley’s world-class vineyards and beneath the cliffs of the rugged Ozark terrain. The road was named for two reasons. The first, being because the highway is the shortcut route to get to Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas football games.

The other reason is that the highway is as curvy as a pig’s tail. Regardless, the highway brings lush flora, and many tourist stops along the way and leads you all the way to the Missouri border.


After traveling these seven highways, your appreciation for our nation’s beauty will be restored. No better time of year does mother nature show off her good-looks then in the fall, and there is no better way to see that than on your bike. The crisp fall air and beautiful views make these rides legendary, but the only sights of each ride make each of these seven stops special for bikers all over the country. So, hit the road, and get to exploring this fall!

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