5 ways to Embrace life as an Empty Nester Mother

You have spent decades providing for your kids and investing in their lives. Now they are off to study and you are left feeling empty and purposeless.

You are not alone! It is an inevitable change that every mother goes through. Take it  in good stride and think of this as a second chance.

Your life as an empty-nester can be a new beginning. This can be your chance to finally explore endless possibilities that got sidelined when you were busy nurturing your kids.

Here are 5 ways you can rock your time as an empty nester mom at home.

1) Reach out

Reach out to someone who needs help. Lend them a helping hand in their times of need. What better can you think of with all the time you have now that kids are gone?

It will help you feel less lonely and empty. It acts as a therapeutic exercise. Reaching out is not only limited to helping someone. It is also about getting help if you need it. It is the best time to work on your mental well-being. Reach out to your long-lost friends, make amends in fallen friendships, and make new friends.

2) Update your resume

You have thrived as a mother and you have got your reward. It is time to utilize this time to thrive professionally.

Maybe you worked on and off owing to the demands of your kids and your job as a mom took precedence over your real job.

As an empty-nester you can go back to working part-time. You can choose a profession that requires you to work from home. From writing to online teaching, there is no dearth of such options. Create an impressive stay at home mom resume and end your professional sabbatical.

The part-time job will help you stay occupied and make you financially independent. It will also help you cut through the boredom and stay available for your family at all times.

3) Travel

There is no better phase to travel than the empty-nester phase. Travel with your partner or travel solo or join a church and take trips with your church.

Find yourself while exploring faraway places.

4) Get a makeover

You feel as good as you look. Getting old or being a mother is no excuse to ignore your beauty needs.

Maybe you have not refurbished your wardrobe for the last 5 years or gotten a hairdo. This is the time to do it. Get a hair color or buy new clothes for your wardrobe.

The transformation does not have to be limited to your clothes or hair. You can utilize your time to extend this makeover to your home.

Renovate your home. Bring in new furniture or shift the old one. Bring in plants or make a vegetable garden. Nurturing plants or herbs help you to reconnect with one’s soul.

5) Enhance your spiritual experience

Now that you have time at home, you can visit Church dedicatedly. Join a Bible study group or book club. All these practices help you to promote spiritual growth. Develop a habit of reading every day even if it is for 20 minutes. Read books that promote positivity and growth. Make meditation a daily habit to deepen your spiritual experience.

As an empty-nester mother, you have so many opportunities & practices to explore. Spend your time wisely and productively.

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