CBD vs CBD Tinctures: Is There a Difference?

Are you curious about CBD products? Wonder what the hype is and why they’ve seemingly come out of nowhere to all of a sudden being on every street corner?

If you have questions about CBD products and questioning what is tincture CBD, then you’re in the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to about the new hemp industry and how you can be sure you’re getting a quality product every time.

History of CBD

Hemp has been around for thousands of years and ancient civilizations around the world have artifacts showing they understood the many benefits of hemp. Early Chinese manuscripts have been found that were made of hemp paper.

Other Buddhist texts written on hemp paper extols the health benefits of the hemp flower, seeds, and roots. Archaeologists have found evidence in the Egyptian tombs that they too used the versatile hemp plant.

Much of European clothing in the early 1900s was made of hemp. It wasn’t until the plantations in the US could make cotton very cheaply due to slave labor that cotton became more desirable than hemp for fabric.

It takes twice as much land to yield the same amount of crop for cotton versus hemp textiles. In terms of choosing a more sustainable plant, hemp is a much more viable and versatile option for textiles over cotton.

Is CBD Legal?

Unfortunately, during the prohibition, hemp was classified as an illegal substance along with marijuana in the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. From 1937 until 2018, it was illegal for researchers to study the possible benefits of hemp and CBD products.

Luckily, Congress passed the Farm Bill in 2018 making it legal to grow, sell, and research hemp plants with a less than 0.3% THC level. Hopefully, now, our researchers will be able to catch up with the civilizations of the past who understood the many benefits of the hemp plant.

How to Know If It’s the Good Stuff

FDA warns that the hemp industry is not regulated by the federal government. So it’s important to remember to do your own research on each company you purchase from to ensure you’re getting a quality product.

It’s vital as you do your research on which company to purchase from that you ask for their lab results. Quality companies selling quality products are choosing to have their CBD products tested at third-party labs to show their products are made of premium CBD plants.

Don’t risk getting a product that is inferior, or worse, not even CBD at all. All the major companies are happy to show their lab results, so if you can’t find them on their website, be sure to ask.

If they refuse to share this information with you, move on. There are great, reliable, transparent companies out there that will gladly prove to you that you’re getting a quality product from them.

There are many different types of products you can buy. You can start with the CBD drops under your tongue and see how they affect your symptoms.

If you can’t stand the bitter taste, you might try CBD gummies instead. These can be expensive and high in sugar so you might need to limit your intake.

What Is Tincture CBD and Can You Vape It?

Another great option is CBD tincture, which is a more concentrated version of the regular CBD drops you put under your tongue. CBD tinctures can be more expensive because they are a better version and provide more bioavailability than their regular counterpart.

As you explore the different products available you might wonder can you vape CBD tincture? It’s important to understand how different products are made so you don’t make a serious mistake when you use CBD products.

CBD tincture is made with a carrier oil to dilute it and make it easier to take.  However, the oil should not be vaped as it can be dangerous.

Some oils can vaporize as you smoke them, but not all. And so, to be safe, you should not vape CBD tincture since it’s not made specifically to be vaped. Instead, stick to vape pens that are made with a vaporizable liquid so it doesn’t cause harm to your lungs.

Most vape cartridges are made with a combination of water and glycerin instead of oil. CBD tincture is a great product and can allow some people who need a higher dose to take smaller doses and get the same great benefits. But it can be dangerous to use CBD tincture in a way it wasn’t intended to be used.

Be careful how you use your CBD tincture products so you get maximum benefits without the risk of alternative uses.

Yes There Is a Difference, so Be Careful

So, as you’re learning more about what is tincture CBD remember to do your homework before you buy. Since, as mentioned, the federal government doesn’t regulate the CBD industry, do your homework before you buy.

And be careful what you vape. You need to ensure you’re vaping products that have been created for the intention of being used in a vape pen. Using other products in a vape pen runs the risk of serious repercussions.

But overall, the benefits of CBD products far outweigh their negative side effects when they’re used properly.

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  1. CBD tincture oils are not to be vaped under any circumstances, and are not to be confused with a CBD E-liquid; a vaporable base containing CBD. By being able to decipher products in the market, you will be able to make smarter choices when it comes to your daily CBD regimen.

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