5 Ingenious Bike Hacks Every Cyclist Should Know

Have you ever needed to resort to calling a friend to pick you up after a long ride of 20 miles from home? Maybe you felt relief or passing out after removing the cycling shoes because of the awful stench wafting up. Or you might be tired of the cash being way much soggy after you have removed it from the jersey pocket. If you are saying “literally of those” then you are lucky enough because the listed hacks will make your road life much easier and enjoyable.

1: Carry a multi-purpose accessory

A multi-purpose accessory can be the game-changer for your road trips. Just take in the example of a bandana, which you can use as a hairband, face mask, neckerchief, sweatband, wristband, first-aid alternative, and much more. A high-quality and breathable bandana is a must-have, and you can use it for different purposes. To add a unique style you can create your own bandana with personalized design from www.vivipins.com.

If you don’t know from where to get a top-botch biker bandana, then 4inbandana is the one-stop solution for you. The quality of the bandana is up to the mark, and you will be amazed to look at the material as it is comfortable enough to feel like cotton.

2: Zip-tie Winter Tyre

Zip-ties can come in handy to fix anything. You can stick them on a bunch of things to cover the wheels. Just cut them into the size, and you have got winter tires. It will help you to flow a bit smoother over the snow the same as that of snow chains on the car wheels. Accidently broken the chain, or your bag’s zip isn’t working, nothing to worry about when you have zip-ties with you.

3: Use the bike’s pedal as the bottle opener

There are a lot of ways to open the cap of the bottle on the bicycle by using the gears or pedals. The handlebars, bike pump, and chainring, even the back of the wheel if you care about the spokes of the fingertips. One of the best ways to open a beer bottle by the bicycle is through the pedals (especially with the flat ones). You can stick the cap of the beer bottle in the slits from the pedals, then apply the pressure to pop up the cap of the bottle- it works just like the bottle opener.

4: Use Dishwasher as a GoPro Case Cleaner

GoPro cases are no doubt, the coolest thing on the Earth to be indestructible. If you eventually end up setting off the nuclear bombs, then the safest place is probably a GoPro case of human-size. The case is strong enough to make the cleaning incredibly easy. Just open it up to get the water in and stick in the dishwasher along with other dirty dishes. When it comes out, you will be amazed to look at the spark. In case you don’t own a dishwasher, then simply wash it like usual.

5: Double Toothbrush as a Chain Cleaner

A toothbrush can be the best thing to clean the chain, and the effectiveness can be increased when two brushes are taped together in a way that bristles will be on the outer side as they are locked in a pretty romantic way. This can become your favorite equipment to clean the grease and dirt off the bike chain. The brush will perfectly fit the chain just like a carwash, and both sides of the chain can be cleaned simultaneously.

These hacks work for the majority of the road cyclists and are tried and tested ones. You can use any of them according to your ease and preferences. Hacks like these can help in maintaining the bike in a better way, which ultimately improves the durability of the bike.

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