The Most Romantic Greek City to Travel to

From nature’s reserves to archaeological sites, Greece has it all. 2000 islands and a beautiful historic capital Athens can provide a romantic experience to any couple. You can find beaches, gorges and mountains anywhere in Greece. Greece feeds any traveller with unforgettable memories and experiences.  Just remember to enjoy nature’s breath-taking scenery. Not only you can enjoy Greek natural beauty, but Greek city travel, filled with tons of history and adventure. Their fascinating history is traced back to the stone age era and with over 3000 years of history. Probably the most noticeable era was the Hellenistic era in 32 BCE, where today our society took inspirations from ideas and concepts to art which formed the foundation of western civilization. So, let’s explore the most romantic Greek city, travel together to find the perfect spot for you.


The capital of Greece won’t leave you disappointed. Urban mixed with nature surrounding it is perfect the perfect place for couples to enjoy. You can explore a large variety of restaurants with traditional music on weekends and beautiful scenery to the Acropolis in Monastiraki flea market. When travelling in summer outdoor cinemas is a must? Athens’ oldest cinema Aegli opened in 1903 In the garden of stately Zappeion Hall. So, it’s a great place to go after a long day of sightseeing and don’t forget your popcorn. For first-time visitors, 5 days will be enough to explore the historical city.


Picturesque whitewashed buildings are a must visit as a hopeless romantic. Perfect to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine in the infinity pool. It spoils couples with choice of activities to do in Santorini from sunset yacht cruises to exploring the sculpted architecture. Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the southern Aegean Sea, around 120 miles southeast of Greece’s mainland. Suffering from a volcanic eruption in 1956 has given the island its rugged landscape. If exploring the sculpted architecture is the reason for visiting Santorini, the Monastery of Profitilis is a must. Existing since the Ottoman era this landmark provides amazing views of the entire island and is really breath-taking for any couple. Less exploring and more relaxing? You could enjoy a glass or two of wine made from Santorini’s grapes. There are lots of wineries across of the entire island where couples can learn more about local towns and vineyards. To enjoy your experiences in Santorini fully ideally you should spend 10 days but don’t be discouraged not to go as 3 days will be enough to make your visit special and romantic.


An ancient and a modern city of the Peloponnese with a mythological goddess, Corinth is the place to visit. Aphrodite’s main centre of worship was in this ancient city. The Goddess of love and beauty was the protector of this city. In ancient Corinth you still can find the remains of the Temple of Aphrodite in the archaeological sites to fuel your curiosity about the Goddess. In south-central Greece, this city has a lot to offer for couples. You could enjoy Corinth canal, which connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea, during the night. This visit is for light-hearted couples as not only you can pass through the canal in a boat but bungee jump off its bridge. To thoroughly enjoy this small and peaceful city 2 days is more than enough.

Greece is one of the most romantic places to go to. From mainland cities to an island city, you can really tailor your travel to your needs and wants. Athens is the capital with a lot of character; you can find peaceful activities to do or more energetic. With busy streets in the Acropolis there are several bars and cafes open all the time, so you’ll never stop exploring parts of Athens. Santorini is an island city, but it is not limited to activities. Going on a yacht cruise to watch the sunset with your significant other won’t leave you disappointed. Corinth is a smaller and quitter city filled with history and ruins of ancient Greece. The main attraction is the bungee jump for the adventurous couples. These are great options to choose from for romantic Greek city travel.

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