4 Cost Savings Tips for Patients with Diabetes

Managing diabetic is not an easy thing. You need to stay healthy during the day and get enough sleep at night. Besides, there are many things you will need to do. They include eating healthy and taking your prescriptions as directed. This can be burdensome and may impact on your finances. Notice that research in this area is ongoing. So, new medication and methods of managing diabetes which are coming up may also need to be considered. But if you are not financially endowed; it could be a tall order. Here are cost savings tips for patients with diabetes.

1. Take the medication as per the prescription

Not taking meds as recommended by your physician can have a severe impact on your overall health. Well, you may think that skipping the doses will help you to save money. Unfortunately, some meds can neither be skipped or split. Doing so may negatively affect your health, which raises your risk score. Further still, reducing the dosing may result in serious health problems. Then, your problems may need more money to remedy. Perhaps the only way you may use to reduce the number of drugs that you take is to exercise and eat healthy foods. However, if you are not walking this path, take the medication as prescribed.

2. Buy medication directly from suppliers

If you have diabetes, the doctor will prescribe medication depending on your needs. Unfortunately, some of the medication could be expensive and unaffordable. That’s where the beauty of secondary markets come in, there are new platforms online where you can buy and sell test strips for prices way below market value.

Talk to your doctor about possible options. A few generic drugs will be as good as the ones prescribed. If this option is available, go for it. Besides, you may need to consider buying the supplies from the suppliers. They may offer you a discount if you buy the drugs in large quantities. Also, check out on the brand of the pen needless and the Pip Lancets. Some brands may be costly yet they serve the same purpose as the cheap ones. Try to do a bit of research and find an online store that carries similar brands but sells them cheaply.

3. Join programs that help patients pay for the meds

If you have trouble paying for the meds, don’t keep quiet. There are plenty of programs that can come in handy when you get stuck. Find out from your doctor if they are aware of programs that assist needy patients. Prescription assistance programs will need that you furnish them with a proof of income before they chip in. Other programs give coupons for the medications prescribed. It will help you buy the medications at a discount. Also, check online for drug stores that provide the drugs at discounted prices.

4. Buy the drugs abroad

Diabetic prescriptions are cheaper in some countries than others. So, if you live abroad or plan to travel around the world, you will need to do some research and come up with a list of countries that sell the drugs in an affordable manner. Once this is done, order your drugs directly from them.

If you don’t find a working solution among these tips, let the doctor advise you on how best you can split your dose or save money with coupons or free samples.

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