4 Best Places You Should Solo Travel After a Divorce

It’s not easy to go on vacation after getting divorced. There are factors to be considered, for instance, how much it will cost. Fortunately, there are plenty of places in the world where solo travellers can find solitude without spending too much money! In this article, we’ll explore some of our favourite destinations for people who want some time away from their recent life changes.


The first place that is perfect to travel after a divorce, Anguilla, Caribbean. If you’re looking for an affordable resort with stunning views and great food, try the Allegro Cozumel in Mexico. With so many options for shore excursions, it’s easy to fill your time at this location without spending too much money! Best of all? You can bring along friends or family members if they would like.

Additionally, solo travelling after a break-up gives one a space to have peace of mind and time to think about themselves and meet new people and make memories. This, in turn, can help them to move on with their life.


One may choose their peace in visiting beaches, and one of the popular beaches you can choose is Australia-city. This is a continent with different types of beaches, and one can make their selection from there as per their choice. It is probably your best preference for those who love to travel alone as you will get each moment for yourself where no other person or companion would disturb you at all times.

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New Orleans

New Orleans is the city of jazz, and people who are into music can enjoy themselves to the fullest in this city. Yes, visitors should not miss out on spending some time at various jazz cafes where they can sit back with a cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage to listen to music played by professionals.

New Orleans is one of those places that offer lots for solo travellers; you could visit Bourbon Street any night of the week and find live bands playing blues all day long. Or go shopping! New Orleans has great shopping opportunities with local vendors selling their wares along Royal Street in French Quarter’s shops!


Another interesting place that you can visit as a solo traveller is India. In addition to all those activities listed above, it’s also possible to participate in Indian dance classes and cooking lessons! There are so many things to do here where one would not face any trouble with the language barrier, as most people know English well enough for communication purposes.


Solo travel is becoming increasingly popular as more people realize how free it can be to explore the world on your terms. Whether it’s a weekend city or an extended trip, these are some of our favourite destinations for solo travel. With so many options for shore excursions, it’s easy to fill your time at this location without spending too much money.

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