Six Travel Tips To Know Before Traveling to India For The First Time

For several first-time visitors, India can be pretty overwhelming. It is busy and indeed very confusing at times. So, when you come here for the first time ever, it takes you a while to adapt to the country’s frenetic energy. At the time, you need to take conscious measures to stay safe, healthy, and sane throughout your journey. However, let us lay out the truth for you – India is not the easiest place to visit. Of course, it may be the most rewarding, in terms of the remarkable sights, which are unlike most countries of the world, but it will not get easy at any step. However, we cannot ignore the charismatic and warm people, the incredible nature, delectable food, diversity, and the rich cultural heritage, which is a delight for you to explore. Hence, to help you make the most of your travel to India, we have some clever tips for you. Let us address them one by one.

Get ready for the culture shock

‘If you visit India for the first time, you are guaranteed of experiencing the cultural shock. But, you know what, there is no use trying to fight it. Rather, you can prepare yourself and accept that things may not be the same as they are back home. Go with an open mind, and leave your expectations home,’ suggests Brian, an educator who offers data visualization online courses.

Research, and research some more

India is home to a diverse variety of bustling destinations. India is full of flavours, from the majestic temples to its array of natural landmarks, lively cities, and superlative beaches. However, regardless of the span of your visit, you cannot see it all. Hence, we recommend selecting any one part of the country and focusing on exploring it to the fullest.

‘Believe me, when I say this, India is a land of layers. Every city has a deep-rooted history and innumerable places to see,’ comments Jack, who works with EduWorldUSA.

We agree with what Jack just said. So, if you wish to get a taste of classic India, you can travel to the Golden temple. It is located in Punjab and touches three of India’s most popular destinations – Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi. If you like the beaches, you can travel to the southern states of India. You will love the beaches in the beach capital of India, Goa, or travel to the vibrant and vivacious Mumbai. You can even visit India’s central and northern regions, where you will see the country’s most prolific religious sites and relics, such as the carved edifices of Khajuraho or the marble temples of Rajasthan.

Carry some cash with you

There is no denying that India has many ATMs, but you should still have some cash handy. In India, autos are a standard mode of transportation, and they mostly accept cash. Further, that is not all. India is full of small vendors, and most of the businesses and services will expect you to pay in cash, especially if you travel to the Himalayas or any other rural town of the country. Moreover, the ATMs also have a reputation of often running out of order or being out of cash. So, do ensure that you get your currency exchanged beforehand.

Embrace the diversity

‘India is a land of many, many cultures, languages, religions, and people. More so, you cannot define or restrict India to a single culture. So, when you visit the country, you must try and absorb everything around you,’ comments Rhea, an associate educator who offers online ‘do my programming assignment‘ services with TFTH.

India is the same country where you will see everything from the snake charmers to the elite businessman. There is also a mega contrast between the traditional and modern. Let that all seep in, and you will fall in love with the country.

Temple etiquette

‘In India, whenever you visit their place of worship, you are expected to take your shoes off. Further, do not ever wear revealing clothes to any of their religious places, be it temples, gurudwaras, or mosques,’ comments Linda, an educator whom you can reach out for online exam help services.

Well, yes, the weather in India is pretty hot during the summers. During this time, you may be tempted to wear shorts. However, it is expected of you to keep your lower body, and the shoulders covered when you travel to their religious places. India is a land of four key religions, and many smaller religions, too, arrived and never left, and always remember, Indians take their religion quite seriously.

If you wish to take a tour of any religious site (many of which are of archaeological and historical importance), please respect their sentiments. You may not believe in them, but for Indians, there is nothing more superior than their faith and religious beliefs.

Be careful with what you put in your mouth

Lastly, a lot of you may have heard of the term “Delhi belly.” Well, guess what? It is not a myth. Instead, it is a real sickness that several travellers leave with when they indulge in too many street-food snacks and spicy Indian curries. If your spice tolerance is low, there is a high chance that you may experience gastrointestinal discomfort. However, you can avoid it by eating from a decent restaurant and always instructing the chef about the spice you can handle.

Further, steer clear of the food carts and the street food. They may not follow the best health codes, and your stomach may not be able to adapt to it. Further, eat peeled fruits and veggies, and ensure that the food that you eat is either fried or boiled. Lastly, when it comes to water, drink only packaged drinking water from a brand you know.

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