Turkey Hair Transplant – Low Prices and Excellent Quality

For many people, hair loss is an annoying issue that can tremendously impact their mood and self-esteem. While tons of products on the market claim to stop hair loss, they do not affect androgenetic alopecia.

Hair loss caused by genetics can only be slowed down with appropriate measures, but it still progresses. Increasingly more significant bald spots develop from a high forehead and a receding hairline. Even women cannot get rid of it, although their hair often only thins out.

In this case, the only permanent solution is hair transplantation because the transplanted hair will grow for a lifetime. More and more people, especially young men, prefer hair transplantation in Istanbul. The main reason for this is that hair transplant Istanbul clinics can score with an excellent price-performance ratio. Patients do not have to give up on a first-class, natural result despite the significantly lower prices. The level of respect towards Turkish doctors is extremely high at home and abroad, and they are able to offer all innovative techniques. Low prices are only due to much lower labor costs and have nothing to do with poor quality.

Consider Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After Photos

Medhair Clinic is in the heart of Istanbul. Interested parties can get comprehensive information and have free hair analysis in a non-binding meeting. On this occasion, you can watch the pictures before and after a hair transplant in Turkey and assure yourself of the skills of the healthcare team. Medical professionals can then apply all possible methods to find the optimal solution.

Medhair Clinic can rely on over X years of experience and is, therefore, a guarantee of a satisfactory result. This is also supported by the many awards he has received. The Medhair clinic team regularly attends seminars and training courses and always updates technology. Instead of the classical FUE method, even more, doctors offer sensitive sapphire FUE hair transplantation. DHI hair transplantation is particularly progressive, where intermediate storage of grafts is no longer necessary. Doctors can perform all interventions under soft anesthesia and are therefore gentler and more comfortable.

Hair Transplant in Turkey in Corona Days

For several months now, the corona pandemic has been affecting people’s daily lives around the world. Unfortunately, there are also numerous limitations in life with an association with it. We’ll probably have to deal with that in the coming months as well. Medhair Clinic does everything as usual, except for a few additional guides. Of course, at this time, more attention is paid to hygiene and strict adherence to all prescribed measures.

This includes a stricter concept of hygiene and the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection. You must do a Corona test at the entrance to Turkey or during the preliminary examination. The patient receives a document that should always be with him so that he can show it later on request. As this test is only valid for 48 hours, you should do a second corona test before departure. Medhair Clinic makes great efforts to comply with all regulations to protect patients and healthcare personnel. That’s why no one should let the corona pandemic stop them from getting a hair transplant Turkey because safety is always of guarantee.

Medhair Clinic Offers Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Medhair Clinic in Istanbul can be recommended without hesitation in the field of hair transplantation. Experienced doctors have already helped many patients from all over the world become more confident and enjoy life. We offer many inclusive packages, such as accommodation in a 4-star hotel, all transfers, laser treatment for the scalp.

The provider’s prices are unbeatable when statistics compare them to clinics in Europe and the United States. However, patients can still expect a high standard of quality and best care before, during, and after the procedure. More than X years of hair transplant experience and the patients’ positive experiences are the guarantees of a great result.

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