Writing Essays by Formula Teaches Students how to Not Think

Writing essays have been a problem for many students in college and high school. As a lot of students find it difficult or boring to write an essay, coursework or dissertation, completing the assignment can become real torture. Some students may even go to https://researchpapers.io/write-my-research-paper-for-me/ or any other platform with writing experts to ask for help. However, it is always better to do everything on your own to better your knowledge and skills.

The good news is that there is a formula that can make learners’ life easier. Take a student named Jane, for example. Jane has been assigned to write a 500-word essay on how she describes the state she came from. Here are some tips on how she can do this.

Tips on How to Write an Essay

1. Make an Introduction

When it comes to the introduction, there are a lot of things that Jane can write about her state. If she came from a county that produces a lot of oranges and citrus fruits, she could describe what the weather is like on her place in order for the oranges to grow abundantly.

The introduction captures the readers’ interest. It can make or break the essay since this is where the readers often decide on whether they continue reading the entire article or not. This means that it should be catchy and informative.

2. Make the 1st Body of the Essay

The first body is the continuation of the introduction. For example, Jane can describe her state, it’s capital, her age when she first left her state, and a lot more. There are a lot of things that she can write on the first body of the paragraph that makes the readers interested to know more.

3. Make the 2nd Body

The second body can contain the meat of the entire article. This is where she can describe how her high school in her previous state was like. This is where she goes full-blown about describing everything that she learned while studying or any relevant experiences that she made during her school years.

4. Make the 3rd Body

This is a formula where Jane sort of recommends the places that visitors can go when they visit her state. She can explain in this section why studying in her state during high school is better as compared to other states. This is where she needs to convince people and show her authority on what she is writing about.

5. The Conclusion

For Jane to be an effective writer, she can make a conclusion that is going to describe the summary of the points why her state is the best. She needs to highlight the benefits, pros and cons of living in her state. A conclusion that has a very effective argument can help her a lot when it comes to writing essays.

Where to Start Writing

This 5-paragraph formula is designed for students who want to finish their essays in the shortest amount of time possible without using too much brainpower. The formula’s advantages are the following:

1. It gives a structure to the essay

The structure is just literally composed of the introduction, three subtopics where you can find in the three paragraphs, and a conclusion that highlights everything that they have stated in case their professors become distracted.

2. Focuses on the Topic

This structure aims to highlight the main ideas in three simple paragraphs. It gives students a kind of endpoint where they know when to stop. It can also be a relief to those who don’t have much to say, and they can simply end the topic with a concluding paragraph. Three subtopics are more than enough for a student to explain everything in an essay.

3. Easily Write Any Essay

This structure can be applied to pretty much every essay that is required in a lot of subjects. Students can just follow the formula to be sure that their teachers will love it. The ideas are on point, and the entire article is easy on the eyes.

The repetitive structure gives comfort to a lot of students since they can write what they want in a way that can be easily understood. They can even do this without the need to break a sweat or without requiring too much thinking.

If they see that one of their exam requirements includes writing an essay, they will be able to launch ahead and give a good introduction knowing how to write the first body of the paragraph down to the second and the third, and finally be able to effectively conclude what they have written. After all of this, they will find themselves with an essay to proofread. The entire writing should not take more than an hour.

Why Writing without Thinking is Important

The entire structure focuses on the nature of sentences. An effective essay is where the language is governed by grammar and syntax rules. These rules apply to everyone and allow the readers to understand what the writer is trying to convey.

All in all, you have to get an effective formula that will work on your everyday life. These tips in writing can help you finish your essays on time and proceed to the other ones without too much stress. You can also find other formula that will be useful to you on an everyday basis through research.

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  1. Very informative article. I wrote essays on various topics. I studied the structure of the assignment and now it’s easy for me to write an essay. But I had difficulties with other tasks. I’m studying to become a doctor and perform quite specific tasks.

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