Top Tips For Senior Travelers In Peru

Senior citizens are traveling far more often these days than they ever have previously, and what’s more, is that almost any foreign country is fair game for travel.

One such example of a foreign country that is a popular travel destination for senior citizens is Peru. That being said, there are still a few precautions that you would be wise to take when traveling to Peru as a senior citizen, and specifically, you’ll want to focus on taking precautions that prepare you for unforeseen negative circumstances.

There’s no reason to go to Peru and not have fun, because the country is rich in culture, geography, and numerous tourist destinations such as Macchu Picchu.

Here are the top tips to keep in mind as a senior citizen when you tour Peru:

Keep Your Medicines Handy

You should always carry important medications with you when you travel, and specifically in your carry on bags. If you have any prescription medications, you’ll want to bring the appropriate amount with you based on the number of days (or weeks) that you’ll be spending in Peru.

It may always be wise to bring at least two or three extra days worth of medications with you, as preparation for in the unfortunate event that you get delayed either getting into the country or getting back home.

Print and Share Travel Documents

Printing and sharing your travel documents will also be very important. You should always make backups of your itinerary and then send it to either close friends or relatives. If you are going to be visiting anybody in Peru, you should send those documents to them as well so they will know when you will be arriving and can also better help you out if you are delated.

What exact travel documents will you be needing? At the bare minimum, you should have copies of your travel insurance policies, your passport, your emergency contact information, your visas, and your medical information. Again, bring copies of these documents with you and share copies of them with other people.

Also keep in mind that you can always contact your travel insurance company if your passport is lost or stolen or if a nonrefundable flight gets cancelled. The best travel insurance companies will refund you for cancelled flights and lost valuables.

Keep The Valuables To A Minimum

Sure, if you’re older and retired you may be able to afford a lot of things that you couldn’t when you were younger. But at the same time, it will not be wise to flash any valuable items you have while walking around the streets of Peruvian cities.

Examples include nice looking watches, electronic items, cash, jewelry, and so on. These kinds of objects being seen out in plain sight will only make you a target for thieves, who may also be extra willing to go after you because they’ll think you’re an easier target.

Find Hotels With Lower Rates For Seniors

There are many travel companies and airlines who will offer special discounts for senior travelers. For example, virtually all of the major airline companies allow the elderly to board their airplanes early, and you’ll also be able to get onboard for cheaper prices as well.

You can also search for travel packages to Peru that are specifically intended for seniors as well, as these will almost always offer you special discounts too.

Keep Your Travel Plans Simple

Last but not least, it should be to your benefit to keep your travel plans as simple as they possibly can. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a direct flight either to Lima or another Peruvian city directly from your own city back in the states. If you’re not, seek the fewest number of flights possible and with the least amount of layover time as well. Even if you have to pay more for such a flight, it should make the overall travel process significantly easier and less stressful.

Visiting Peru As A Senior Citizen

Overall, Peru is a country that highly respects the nation’s elders. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all visiting senior citizens will be given special discounts on everything or preferential treatment over other visitors and tourists.

If you are traveling to Peru as a senior, definitely keep the above tips in mind before you go. Doing so will make your trip significantly more hassle free and less stressful.

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