Why You Must Visit Surat, The Diamond City Of India

Surat is better known as the diamond city both within India and overseas. That is because the city has one of the largest rough diamond cutting businesses in the world, thousands of businesses employ the people with diamond cutting skills, and thus the city has become a diamond hub of the world. Stats suggest that a total of over 90% of the world’s diamonds are polished in Surat every year.

While the diamond business is certainly a thing Surat is known for, it isn’t the only reason for its fame. Because silk, cotton, traditional food, beaches and beautifully designed temples/ historical places are also counted amongst the fastest growing businesses in Surat. Here are a list of reasons on why you must visit the diamond city of India.

Watch The Diamond Industry Closely

In spite of us all being fascinated by the diamond production and polishing process, a very few number of people actually get the opportunity of watching the diamond industry closely, that is because all of the jewelry stores we visit sell the end product only, they are not connected with the diamond cutting and polishing business at all.

Since Surat is world famous for its diamond cutting business, you’ll find diamonds of all shapes and sizes here. Even if you want any custom size or design, you can get that easily made for you in Surat. This is what makes Surat the best diamond place to visit.

Amazing Street Food

Well, this is one thing whole India is famous for, and Surat is no exception. Gujarati people living in Surat have introduced all of their traditional dishes in the city. If you happen to visit Surat, you’ll definitely enjoy the street food and the night life the city has to offer, in fact, the locals too prefer coming out at night to enjoy the tasteful dishes offered by countless good restaurants in their city.

So, food tourism is another thing Surat is currently booming. You can easily use services like google maps to read reviews of certain food places in Surat.

Silk Business

Right after the diamond business, Surat is well ranked in the list of cities producing silk and fabrics in India. In fact, the city is so famous for its silk saree business that people from around the world come here to buy the sarees of their choice.

When you’re looking for a saree in Surat, remember that there are various different types of sarees being offered here, and different stores are famous in this business. So, make sure you search for the best saree places in Surat before visiting the market.


Since Surat is a coastal city, it has a number of different beaches, and some of them are filled up both with locals and tourists the whole day.

If you’re visiting Surat to meet its locals and get a real pictures of this wonderful city, then visiting its beaches is your best bet.

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