Top Cities for Millennials in Florida

Young professionals of the millennial generation are in constant search for a better place to live. They are in need of a better yet more affordable home and a well-paid job. Millennials, 25 to 35-year-olds are looking for cities that offer both entertainment and a workplace. Cities where they can have stable and challenging jobs, and at the same time existing nightlife and great shopping. Furthermore, chances to spend their past time with some good-quality outdoor activities, eat at great restaurants and enjoy occasional music festivals and cultural events. With all these items taken into account, we present to you top cities for millennials in Florida –and believe us – there are plenty to choose from.

Advantages of moving to Florida

Before you start planning your Florida Relocation you should know what are the good things about it. First things First, there’s no state income tax – which is a great relief. Also, if you plan on buying a home, you should know that housing costs are lower than in some other USA states. And above all – you can enjoy your home at amazing weather conditions – no snow, and many, many sunny days.

Figure 1: the state of beaches and sunny days - choose on of thetop cities for millennials in Florida alt.tag: beach in one of the top cities for millennials in Florida

Top Cities for Millennials in Florida – Start with Orlando

Let’s start with one of the obvious choices when it comes to top cities for millennials in Florida. The reason for that is Orlando gaining in popularity in recent years – in some aspect even more popular than Miami. It offers a lot of interesting neighborhoods that are popular among young professionals. It’s only up to you to choose the one you really like and the one that suits your lifestyle. Some of the most popular ones are:

Downtown – this place is one of the top places for millennials in Florida for many reasons. With the Wall Street Plaza, the Country Clubof Orlando, a beautiful park, it’s definitely one of the most popular places in Orlando.

Maitland – even though it doesn’t seem like a first choice since it’s not as close to the city center. However, many millennials choose Maitland for their home, even though it’s located on the outskirts of the city. It’s a great location for those who have jobs associated with theme parks which are located nearby, as Orlando is a base for Florida fun. The only disadvantage of this neighborhood is the housing prices, which are higher than average.

Business district – Orlando is one of the top cities for millennials in Florida because it offers both suburban and urban locations. The business district is one of the more modern places where Millenials search for a more professional career and the most popular bars and restaurants in Orlando. It’s also perfect for business events as there are a lot of corporate party venues to choose from.

Figure 2: Famous for fun theme park, Orlando also belongs to the top cities for millennials in Florida for many other reasons. alt.tag: a person holding a ticked for the universal theme park


It’s no surprise why the Miami area is one of the top cities for millennials in Florida. It’s not only one of the most popular places in the country, but also one of the most attractive cities among foreigners. One of the places millennials like in  Miami is Omni– a small neighborhood which gives young people everything they need.  It offers a variety of museums, galleries (especially the Perez Art Museum) as well as a huge park, which is popular among young people and those with families, too.

Another place that makes Miami one of the top cities for millennials in Florida is the neighborhood of Brickell. It’s one of the most popular Miami locations, because of great housing, top-quality schools, and exciting nightlife.


If you are a young professional looking for new job opportunities, Tampa is the way to go. It belongs to the list of top cities for millennials in Florida because recently it has developed a lot. Courier city proves to be a popular neighborhood among millennialsbecause of the lively nightlife, growing job opportunities and affordable housing.

How to move to one of the top cities for millennials in Florida?

The answer is –it can be easy if you are well organized. Relocation can be tough and overwhelming, especially if you are looking for a home and a job in Florida at the same time. That’s why proper organization and on-time planning can guarantee a smooth and easy move.

Figure 3: Organize your move and plan it in advance - you'll be in FLorida in no time! alt.tag: a millennial girl looking at a tablet and talking on the phone about the top cities for millennials in Florida

Relocation organization

It’s essential to start your relocation seriously – because it can be risky and time-consuming. That’s why hiring professionals to help you out is the smartest thing you can do. A local moving company like have experience with Florida moves and can make your relocation a breeze. The knowledge of the fastest routes and amazing moving skills will help your move finish quickly and without any stress.

Reduce your moving costs

There’s no need to pay a lot for your relocation. If you organize well, you can significantly cut the costs of your Florida relocation. Be sure to downsize your home and bring only the necessary. Decluttering before the move is ahuge help. Also, hiring reliable movers is a must – reducing the risks of damage is another way to save. And finally – gather your packing supplies wisely. You can try finding free moving boxes, for example. All in all, being thrifty during relocation is a great way to save money and move to Florida more easily.

Enjoy your new home

After you move, be sure to enjoy your new Florida home. It’s a place of sun and great people, so you’ll definitely have a lot of fun. Whatever the city you choose from our list of top cities for millennials in Florida, we are sure you’ll enjoy your new lifestyle. Don’t forget to update your address and transfer your utilities and bills to your new Florida home, so you don’t miss on any mail. And the last step – go out and get to know your neighborhood, meet the locals and embrace your new home town!

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