Secrets of Sydney, Australia: A Survival Note in Travelling to the South Pacific

One of the secrets of travelling is knowing that more than just finding out the things you should do, you must first know the secrets that the city holds. There sure are a lot of things that a traveler should also be wary about when going to foreign places.

Cities that are as famous as Sydney, Australia have several secrets on its own. If you are looking for a more cautious journey in the city, then know these things beforehand to enjoy a more safe and sound vacation in the adventurous life of Sydney, Australia.

Sydney, Australia is a Labyrinth

The City is popular with its life-sized labyrinth parks and their numerous Centennial Parks. But what most travelers neglect about Sydney, Australia is that the City is enormous in land area. It is big enough to be lost in navigation in the middle of the city. If you happen to be stuck in such situations, you might as well want to enjoy getting lost.

One of the mottos that locals give to travellers in Sydney is “Get Lost.” A leading newspaper line in Sydney also mentioned that even when most regard “Get Lost” as an insult it is necessary that every now and then we do get lost.

Panicking when you are lost will do you no good. So, treat yourself a bit and enjoy being lost in the moment. As long as you know where your hotel is you will surely know where to go back. And perhaps in your mini escapade you might find some wonderful discoveries instead of sticking to the old tourist brochure.

The City is a Living Zoo

It’s true that Australia is known to be very close with the wildlife. It is averagely normal to find exotic animals going around the public as if it is their very natural habitat. But the catch about Sydney, Australia is that it is a literal zoo. You can catch one of the most dangerous animals almost anywhere in the city.

From tarantulas and snakes to box jellyfish and bull sharks, the wildlife in Sydney is very much alive and well-taken care off. The city have prior laws and policies to help protect their native animals. So, if you are on your way to Sydney, make sure you know which animals to avoid and how to not harm or disturb them.

While in Sydney, you can also try hanging out in Shark Island. It’s located in the Sydney Harbour and you can enjoy hundreds of activities there. The sharks that roam the harbour are monitored and tagged, so catch a swim and a fish, braveheart.

Gender-sensitive Areas in Beaches

Australia experiences some gender-inequality issues, and their beaches are not exempted from the societal division. But on a lighter note, these resorts rather promote safety than differences. Since women experience more violence from the society, there are hidden beaches in Sydney that caters a ladies-only ocean pool at the wedges of Cogee and Bondi.

The view along the wedges of Cogee and Bondi have equally beautiful sites as compared to the popular areas. It is also relatively safer here to stay away from sexual predators. It is a lovely place to avoid usually crowded beaches and to be one with nature more intensely.

These beaches have gender-sensitive areas to help individuals feel safer as they enjoy the peacefulness of the place. When there are instances that your extroverted personality is on vacation, might as well indulge your introverted self in a beach serenity scenario.

You Will Want to Get Naked in Public

Australia is really a lot more about beaches than anything. The country is packed with too many beaches to mention with varying traits from the other. And with the amount of beach in the country, there are types of beaches in Sydney that might make you want to take your clothes off.

Sydney is home to a considerably 5 best nudist beaches in Australia. These beaches can cater the skinny-dipping whims of both confident and shy people. Most of these areas are secluded which is why it is rare for crowds to be around it. The exclusivity of such places makes it attractive to naturists.

Being alone in a serene beach with waves calling you might be really enticing. There really are chances when we feel like being one with nature best fits in a birthday suit.

Lost Wallet Instances

Sydney experiences cases of thievery, robbery, and other similar incidents just like other major cities do. While the streets of St. George and Haymark are to be wary of, especially at night, there are other reasons why you might be losing your wallet while in Sydney. More likely, there are a lot of reasons why you might not be needing your wallet that much in Sydney.

The city is massive and is full of beaches, the possibilities of activities here are limitless. And with the fact that the city is big enough, there are actually a lot of things to enjoy without preferably spending much or spending at all.

You can enjoy the Sydney life with just a camera, a pair of goggles, and a pair of strong legs. Seriously, you can walk along the coastal area of Bondi and Coggee and enjoy the long beach. You can also do some snorkeling in Gordon’s Bay for free. And after a long day, visiting the Everleigh Markets wouldn’t be a mistake after knowing that there might be free tastes around the corner. If this kind of lifestyle exists in Sydney, then who needs money?


There is totally more to Sydney, Australia than just what your local travel agency offers. In fact if you research a bit on your own, you can plan out your own itinerary that might be less crowded and more fun for you and your loved ones.

Tons of secrets between the borders of the cities of your target vacation awaits to be discovered. If you are one of an adventurous heart, don’t be scared to try new things and discover places. Always remember that discovering things while setting off to a new environment is always the essence of travelling. And for more information, you can check out Tourist Secrets for the latest travel news and tips.

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