Why Take a Private Charter to the United Kingdom?

There are many reasons why you may wish to take a flight to the United Kingdom. Firstly, it’s appropriate to outline what countries we’re actually talking about when we use the term ‘United Kingdom’.

Then, it’s relevant to highlight the main tourist sights in each country of the United Kingdom. Finally, why should you take a private charter to this destination as opposed to a mainstream airline?

Let’s discover more about all of these aspects of traveling to the United Kingdom:

What Countries Form Part of the United Kingdom?

There are many terms that can be confusing with regards to the geography of this part of the world. There are five countries that fall under different phrases associated with the United Kingdom – Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales.

Yes, Northern Ireland and Ireland are two separate countries, believe it or not.

First, the British Isles represents all five countries together.

Next, Great Britain describes the land mass excluding both parts of Ireland: that is, England, Scotland and Wales only.

Finally, the United Kingdom are the parts under dominion of the British crown. Ireland’s tumultuous political history has resulted in this distinction. Thus, four of the five countries are part of the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland (the other part of Ireland is known as a Republic).


Known for its majestic coastlines, England is home to many seaside towns and rustic villages. It has something for everyone: from urban hotspots like London, to old historical sites like the mysterious and magical Stonehenge.


Cobbled streets and elaborate castles are just some of the beautiful things to see in Scotland. Glasgow is a shopper’s dream, while Edinburgh is great for keen walkers and history buffs. Why not sample the famous Scottish delicacy haggis while you’re out and about?


Like Ireland (mostly the bit not in the United Kingdom), Wales has its own regional language. A trip to Wales will be a truly unforgettable experience. The songs, the dances, the local people, are all full to the brim with history and culture. Rent a car and drive along the narrow roads to experience first hand the idyllic scenery and rolling hills while you’re there. 

Northern Ireland

Parts of Northern Ireland still seem to be from another time, undisturbed by culture. Take the Giant’s Causeway, for example – a natural phenomenon of hexagon-shaped stones that are a central part of Irish myth and folklore.

Belfast, the capital city, is a beautiful mix of urban and rural elements, and if you’re traveling to this part of the world over the Christmas period, there’s a renowned Christmas market that will truly ignite the magic of the season for you.

Why a Private Charter?

There are two key differences between private charters and mainstream airlines: cost and convenience. Mainstream airlines will generally cost less than a private charter, but this is simply because they are designed with economy in mind.

As such, mainstream airlines will have less individual space, will be less comfortable, and will have less luxurious amenities and services available on board.

There is a pernicious stereotype regarding travel using a private charter — it is perceived to be either unnecessarily luxurious, or reserved only for celebrities and important political figures.

However, today’s private jet charter companies, such as Jettly, are paving the way for private charter travel to be highly accessible to every consumer. It’s similar to the history of cellphones in this respect. Twenty or thirty years ago, cell phones were not available to the common man, and were most often seen in the hands of people like Wall Street stockbrokers.

Well, look how far they’ve come. The same rule applies to private charter travel: the more demand there is, the more competition there is. This results in companies providing competitive prices that suit the budget of a much wider group of people.

Thus, the cost factor is becoming less and less of a thing. This is particularly true if you do your research and find out how many seats are available on the private jet you wish to travel on. You can use it for special occasions and bring along a large number of friends and family in order to split the cost.

The other main difference between private jet charters and mainstream airlines, as we’ve mentioned, is convenience. Private charters are much more convenient than a mainstream airline for a number of reasons.

First, the flight is scheduled around you, not the other way around. You get to choose the exact time of the flight and the exact destination. Private jet companies can often travel to places where mainstream airlines cannot, so this type of travel is ideal if you want to go somewhere that’s off the beaten track, such as remote areas in the United Kingdom.

Second, the specifics of your flight on a private jet charter can be tailored to meet your individual needs much more easily. You don’t have to pay extra charges for luggage, for example.

Sure, there are still restrictions pertaining to weight, but this is simply because airplanes can only carry a certain weight. You don’t have to wait in line for the various inconvenient stages of boarding a mainstream flight, either.

You can simply turn up to the airport and walk directly towards the plane. Simply put, private jet charter is a method of air travel that is much less stressful and much more enjoyable.

The Benefits of Taking a Private Charter to the United Kingdom

If you’re traveling a great distance, like from America for example, long-distance flights can be a real nuisance. On mainstream airlines, the seats are usually cramped and uncomfortable, there is hardly any legroom, and the meals can be questionable.

Traveling to the United Kingdom aboard a private jet charter will be a much more pleasant experience. If you want the air travel segment of your holiday or business trip to be an experience in and of itself (and not just a way of getting from A to B), using a private charter will definitely meet your expectations.

You’ll be able to enjoy the comfortable chairs, stretch out your legs, relax, and enjoy the delicately crafted meals aboard. Flying in this manner will ensure that you land in the United Kingdom ready to enjoy all the sights it has to offer.

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