Six Scuba Diving Destinations For Your Next Vacation

Whether you’re an experienced scuba diver with years of experience or whether you’re a novice heading off on your first trip, choosing the right destination for your vacation can be extremely exciting. You can enjoy amazing scuba diving experiences from virtually every coastline around the globe, so whatever kind of experience you’re looking for, and no matter how advanced your skills, you’re sure to find the ideal scuba trip for you.

Here are six of our favorite scuba diving destinations that we’re sure you’d love to visit during your next vacation.

1. Mexico, Cozumel

Cozumel is a world famous destination for scuba divers thanks to its 29 kilometers of colorful reefs and amazing underwater visibility. The waters are warm all year round, so it’s no wonder that visitors with varying levels of ability come here in droves to experience diving in cenotes, drifts and in the Mesoamerican Reef. Some top sites here include the Maracaibo and Colombia Reefs, and experienced divers will love the impressive array of wall dives in this part of the world. For those who are keen to dive to a shipwreck, the Barge Wreck won’t fail to disappoint.

2. Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman

Both experienced and novice divers alike will find sites to enjoy on Grand Cayman. There are interesting wrecks here as well as wall dives and simple shore dives for beginners. Stingray City is a must visit dive site – a 12 foot dive where you can get up close to these beautiful and gentle sea creatures. The U.S.S Kittiwake – a 76m US Navy submarine is also under the waters here and is an amazing site to discover. Don’t forget to take your fins when you’re diving here as there is plenty of marine life to discover under the waves. You can find detailed information on to help you make your final purchasing decision.

3. Cuba, Cayo Largo

Whether you’re keen to discover grottos and caves, coral reefs or drop offs, you’ll find Cayo Largo truly is a paradise for scuba divers. You can reach the best dive sites within just 30 minutes by boat, including the El Acuario which is 15m below the ocean’s surface. Here, you’re sure to spot amazing marine life including cat sharks, turtles, bull rays and coral fish. Cayo Largo is a relatively quiet spot, and this gives it a more authentic feel. It’s also an affordable option for beginners who want to start out on a budget.

4. Honduras, Roatan

The top attraction in Roatan is its stunning reef with more than a hundred different dive sites, each with a wide range of coral and marine species. This is a perfect spot to become acquainted with sea turtles, sponges and manta ray as well as whale sharks. If you’re a more skilled diver, you can try the West End Wall drift dive or Mary’s Place with its 188 feet drops or the Spooky Channel where you’ll be surrounded by narrow walls.

5. Turks & Caicos, Providenciales

Provo is Turks & Caicos’ most inhabited island, with clean and warm waters that are crystal clear. You’ll love Grace Bay, the top dive spot on the island, with its calm waters and fantastic barrier reef. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, however, try North West Point with its 3000 foot plunges and amazing sealife including lobster, angelfish and barracuda.

6.The Bahamas

When it comes to diving, you’ll be hard pressed to beat the Bahamas. These islands have everything from sunken ships to coral reefs and from caves to blue holes. You can dive alongside dolphins and reef sharks or explore wrecks at all depths. You can also try out one of the famous wall dives such as the Great Lucaya Wall which starts at 80 feet below the surface and features caverns, swim-throughs and caves.

Surely one of these six spots is going to be the ideal choice for your next vacation? So start planning today, and make sure that you have all the key equipment in place before you travel. For detailed review information, simply check online at for all of the most up to date information about the top diving products to purchase for your trip.

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