Why Plastic Surgery Is Becoming More Popular In The Pandemic

The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons reported that over  20 million cosmetic and reconstructive procedures were performed in 2020. Despite plastic surgeons canceling elective surgery at the pandemic’s peak, there is no doubt of plastic surgery increasing in popularity.

Plastic surgery is becoming more popular in the pandemic because more people have the time for the procedure without worrying about downtimes. Zoom and other video calls also left many people conscious of their appearance. The video thumbnail also pushed people to notice their lockdown faces more.

During the pandemic, the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures were nose jobs, facelifts, eyelid surgeries, breast augmentation, and liposuction. Everything appeared grim during the pandemic, and some people opted for plastic surgery to help lift their spirits. Whatever their motivation, plastic surgeons certainly had their hands full during the pandemic.

Reasons Demand For Plastic Surgery Increased In The Pandemic.

When it became evident a pandemic was sweeping across the globe, plastic surgeons were concerned it would greatly affect their business. Surprisingly, there was nothing to worry about since more people started requesting various treatments to improve their appearance.

Here are the reasons behind the increased demand for plastic surgery.

    • Some people did not like their “Zoom face”. After spending hours from one video call to the next, people start noticing fine lines and other flaws they probably would have missed if they had maintained their pre-pandemic lifestyle. The realization that their faces are far from perfect and that they can do something about it drove more people to seek plastic surgery.
    • It was easier to keep the surgery private. Since people had more time at home, those who always wanted a procedure but hoped to keep it private had the chance to do it. No one would notice their absence, nor would the changes be so sudden to warrant suspicion of plastic surgery.
    • Backlog of patients who missed procedures during the lockdown. Many patients had to postpone their scheduled procedures for weeks or even months. Once the lockdown was lifted, patients wanted to get their overdue facelifts, botox, and other surgical procedures. Some patients wanted to take advantage of the opening, lest another wave forces another lockdown.
    • People suddenly saw themselves on video thumbnails. When having a conversation with someone, rarely does one think about how they look. Unfortunately, video thumbnails took away this ignorance, and people started noticing features on their faces that they did not like.
    • Some people suddenly had extra cash to spare for cosmetic procedures. Those who usually go on vacation had nowhere to go, yet they had the money to spend. So, instead of being miserable at home, some opted for plastic surgery to help them feel good, despite their circumstances.
    • The urge to look good when life went back to normal was a motivation. Many people shared a common belief that staying at home under lockdown negatively affected how people cared for their appearance and health. Some people opted for plastic surgery to ensure they looked better after the lockdown.
    • There was an assumption that not many people were seeking procedures. Interestingly, some people who opted for plastic surgery during the pandemic chose it because they believed fewer people were seeking treatments.
    • Closed gyms drew attention to body contouring technologies, like Emsculpt. This may not have been possible for some people, especially before the pandemic. However, the concern of putting on weight during the lockdown or the absence of equipment to help with muscle toning forced some people to consider alternatives, such as body contouring.
    • The facemask provided a cover for facial treatments that resulted in reddening skin and other effects in the short term.
    • Lockdown did not just give people the time to seek treatment, but they also had the time to research the various treatments. This allowed them to shed some of the prejudices they may have had about plastic surgery. They also made informed decisions on the procedures they wanted.

Surges in demand for plastic surgery were reported globally. The Zoom boom may have been the trigger, but soon more people realized they had the time to explore plastic surgery options and even the time to recover.

The demand for plastic surgery is unlikely to drop now that video calls will become an important part of business and social interactions. Even though more people are going back to work in the office, they have come to appreciate video calls as a way of life, and they want to look good in in-person and remote meetings.

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