Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Water Bottle?

The awareness with regards to the negative effects of single-use plastic bottles on the environment has been seen to increase during these recent years but sadly, even though environmentalists and environmental advocates put a great emphasis on the harmful effects of disposable water bottles, people still choose single-use bottles instead of the reusable ones. Despite extensive efforts, the use of these bottles still increases through the years, averaging up to 5 billion water bottles every year.

While recycling is easily accessible to every household, the numbers continue to rise, putting marine ecosystems, water beds, and various habitats of different species of flora & fauna at major risks.

With that said, here are some of the reasons why you should choose an eco-friendly water bottle over single-use plastic water containers.

Environmental Benefits

Apart from the functionalities that set apart the eco-friendly water bottles from regular water bottles available in the market, these revolutionized water bottles also have significant positive impacts on our environment, and here are some of them:

Reduces the Amount of Waste in Landfills

Tossing away single-use water bottles and transitioning to reusable eco-friendly bottles will ultimately reduce the amount of plastic waste that goes into every landfill. Using these kinds of water bottles will prompt you to no longer buy disposable water bottles that are uneconomical and are quite expensive compared to bottling up your own.

To give you a scale of how alarming the situations are in the U.S. landfills, 2 million tons of water bottles saturate every established landfill. This number corresponds to 80% of single-use plastic bottles that are bought and end up in junkyards. Critically, these plastic bottles take at least 1000 years before they completely disintegrate.

Ultimately, an eco-friendly water bottle will cut down the people’s consumption of water bottles while being able to have a cost-efficient way to keep themselves hydrated.

Avoid Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

Using eco-friendly water bottles reduces your risks of exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.

There are known chemical-related risks that are linked with drinking from bottled water. Unlike reusable bottles, these water bottles are manufactured with some harmful chemicals that can seep into the water over time which is common in stocked bottles or the ones that were exposed to the sun. Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the particular toxins present in these bottles that can cause various types of cancer and kidney or liver damage. Another side effect of BPA is that it can cause abnormalities and issues like infertility. It is strongly linked to disabilities in children and birth defects in nursing mothers. It can significantly decrease fertility in both males and females and can cause chromosomal abnormalities.

Finally, exposure to toxins found in plastic bottles is also related to higher rates of illnesses in adults. Some of these illnesses include type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Eliminating single-use plastics in your way of life would definitely tone down the dangers that these plastic bottles bring you.

Protect Animals And Their Natural Habitat

Single-use plastic bottles are major contributors to the degradation of land and marine biology. Huge plastic bottle debris can pollute ecosystems which can affect its entirety. It can be ingested by some animals which can lead to complications.

In some recent studies, there have been instances that they have extracted some micro microplastics from a fish’s intestine which is quite alarming considering that some people consider fish as their staple food.

In a different view, disintegrating single-use plastic bottles can lead to toxic chemical leaches and can contaminate both surface habitats as well as water-based that all living organisms depend on.

Contaminations can be reduced if everyone decides to use eco-friendly water bottles instead of single-use bottles of water.


A reusable and eco-friendly water bottle is 1500 single-use plastic water bottles less every year. It is important to remember that eco-friendly bottles can come a long way when you are trying to reduce residual wastes and carbon footprint.

Recycling would also allow one household with four family members to save around $123,000 in a span of five years. That is $24,000 annually, for not purchasing plastic bottles. Reusable bottles would also reduce the costs of production.

Reusing bottles would simply mean that there would be lesser trash in the landfill which will have a significant cascading effect on our environment, especially to the above mentioned in this article.

Business Benefits

Apart from its environmental benefits, choosing an eco-friendly bottle can also bring benefits to the corporate business world, and here are some of them:

Can Increase Brand Awareness

Using eco-friendly products like branded aluminum water bottles can instantly take the spotlight for your business as a lot of consumers appreciate these little efforts to help maintain our environment. It puts great emphasis on the importance of having a “green business” which will serve as your edge against other stores that use otherwise.

Simply put, using unique products can increase the consumers’ brand awareness and they elicit them to support you by buying what you sell.

Can Boost Business

New products are effective drivers for any business. The emergence of newly built designs of reusable water bottles can drive the consumers’ demand up which can significantly increase the revenue of the company. New products can also spark interest to consumers which can elicit an immediate sale with the revolutionized product.

Not only will it provide benefits for the consumers but will also help decrease the demand of the people for bottled waters. This puts emphasis on the concept of substitution where consumers choose a substitute product because of the price and other benefits that they can get from it.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, there are dozens of reasons why you should go green and choose eco-friendly bottles and these reasons are just a few.

Remember that more than the hype it brings to society, you need to know the very purpose of the product and in that way, the whole rationale of buying reusable bottles would resonate with the other decisions that you make, internalizing the true meaning of going green.

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