Why Are Indians Migrating to Australia Due to Rising Pollution?

While the Delhi government is taking appropriate remedial measures to combat challenges posed by increasing levels of pollution, still, the condition is getting worse and the levels of pollution are rising across India.

One major impact of increasing pollution in India is the rising number of immigrants from India to Australia.

It is primarily because rising levels of pollution are leaving a lot of workers in India jobless.

People living in different parts of India have moved to urban places in search of work. However, the increasing pollution levels have sent them back and as a result, the Indian workers, professionals, and even industry-experts are looking out for another place to live in.

Among the numerous destinations across the world, one of the most preferred nations, which have even marked the highest number of immigrants from India in the year 2012-13, is Australia.

It is not the first time that a huge number of people have migrated from India to Australia, but with the increasing pollution level, the number of migrants has increased to a great extent.

Why Australia Seems a Better Place to Live for Indian Migrants?

Australia boasts of its promising culture. It is an exquisitely diverse location housing a population of people belonging to different ethnic backgrounds.

In addition to this, the other major reasons that make Australia a prime destination among Indians due to increasing pollution levels in India are:

1. Excellent Quality of Life

People in Australia enjoy a high-quality of life.

The level of population in Australia is low. With a low level of pollution and an abundance of fresh air available along with numerous beautiful scenery and natural landscapes, it seems a promising country to live among Indians.

For this reason, a lot of Indians now aspire to own a home in this country.

2. Great Work-Life Balance

People living in Australia are famous for their laid-back lifestyle. They consider relaxation and enjoyment with friends equally important as working.

The people in India, on the other hand, are prone to long working hours and that too under stressful situations. So, if the work-life balance is given importance, a great number of Indians prefer moving to Australia and live and work there.

  1. 3. Low Level of Air Pollution

With a limited population, air pollution in Australia is also very less. This country offers a healthy and great environment for the residents, unlike other countries that have crossed the extreme pollution levels.

The concern of increasing air pollution is bothering to Indians, and hence, they are looking forward to migrating to a healthy country like Australia.

  1. 4. Excellent Healthcare System

Australia is famous for having one of the finest healthcare systems. It covers the medical payments and hospitalization of the citizens in public hospitals. This is not the case in public hospitals in India. Though the expenses are bear by the government, the facilities offered are not up to the mark.

Also, Australia has reciprocal agreements in place with various other countries. So, visitors can access medical aid if required and it is a primary reason why people are migrating to Australia.

  1. 5. Wonderful and Pleasant Climate

The climate in Australia most of the times is pleasant with warm summers and mild winters.

Its climate complements the beautiful sites of this country such as wonderful beaches, charming countryside, lovely rock formations, and more. For such reasons, tourism in Australia is famous worldwide.

Australia offers a healthy and great environment for the residents and travelers, unlike other countries that offer a high level of pollution and increasing health hazards.

Above all these aspects, parks in Australia are a famous theme in every city in Australia. The country even has a high number of trees and cityscapes and is known as a green city.

If you too are concerned about the increasing health issues and pollution levels in India and want to migrate to Australia to have a better standard of living, contact the best immigrant experts in India – Debika Migration Services.

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  1. Really well-written blog. Australia is a great place for its residents and mainly for their permanent citizens. This blog is helpful for any individual planning to migrate to Australia.

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