Best Choices When Kitting Out an RV

When traveling one way that can be great is using the trusty old camper van, or ultra-luxurious modern RV, depending on your budget. It allows you a level of freedom that any other form of travel or vacation cannot touch at all. You can go where you want when you want and schedules and itineraries are nothing more than a vague guide. But how is it best to set up your RV? Here we look at some of the best ways to kit out the vehicle.

Modifications to the Vehicle Itself

 Sometimes it’s cool, to either modify your existing camper or even converting an old van or truck into a camper van that is built to your desires and specifications. The options are vast and you can incorporate features such as solar panels, satellite dishes, and set out for fold-down beds to save space or make a low bed along the floor that can be covered up. The options are almost endless and as it’s so personal to you it’s a great chance to stamp your personality all over the vehicle. A good place to get started is to check out the tutorials and guides over at the Parked In Paradise website which covers everything from bodywork to electricals and everything practical from beginner to advanced.

Beds & Bedding

You need to think very carefully about bedding in an RV as it’s not as easy as setting up a bed in the house. Size is paramount here and you are going to have to look at smaller spaces and think about whether separate bunks are a good idea as sharing a tight space can mean no-one gets any reasonable level of sleep. You can find a whole range of compact mattresses that are ideal for a tight space such as in a camper or a tent. What type of beds and bedding you choose is also important as keeping warm is more important than indoors as the camper is almost certainly going to be colder at night than the house. As well as being warm your bedding should also be breathable to prevent getting too hot and also getting cold sweat trapped in the sheets, Supima cotton sheets by ghostbed are great for this.

Extra Storage

Getting everything to fit in is always a supreme challenge and it’s not easy sometimes to make tough decisions as to what to leave behind. A good solution to this problem is to get a trailer to store additional items making the decisions a little easier. You can even get some small campers that are trailers themselves if there are only one or two of you.

Additional Transport

Once you arrive at your destination it’s sometimes easier to get around with alternative transport other than using the van, which can be very awkward to drive around towns and even park it. You can get a bicycle rack for the vehicle to bring your perfect bike or even some campers can tow a smaller car on the rear.

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