What You Need To Know Before Visiting Hong Kong

Are you planning your first trip overseas? Or, maybe this is your second trip abroad. Whatever the situation is, there are tons of beautiful destinations that you have to choose from. However, if Hong Kong isn’t at the top of your list you are making a major mistake. In fact, Hong Kong has been referred to as the New York of Asia on several occasions. It is not only vibrant with beautiful fusion, but it is packed with tons of culture. That being said, before you just pack up and head out, there are a variety of things that you need to be aware of.

Speaking To The Locals

There are going to be times when you have to speak with the locals. For the most part, speaking English is a good thing, as most of the citizens in the big urban districts can speak this language. However, Cantonese is really the local language and most widely spoken. And, Cantonese is not the same thing as Mandarin. So, do not try to speak to the locals in Mandarin, as they might get offended.

How To Get Around

For the most part, Hong Kong is big and complicated. This makes getting around even tougher. If this is your first time here and you are not familiar with the roadways, your best means of travel is public transportation. The public transportation system is very efficient, clean, and extremely affordable for tourists. In fact, you can get a ferry ride for right around a quarter. The transit system on the other hand might cost right around thirty cents.

When booking with a Hong Kong Tour Packages, your best option might be to invest in an Octopus card. This card can be purchased at any convenience store or coffee shop for right and it can be utilized to access all public transportation system.

Knowing How To Dress

Hong Kong has some beautiful and not so beautiful weather conditions. If you are visiting during July, you can expect to sweat, but you better be prepared to have a sweater or light jacket, as most stores never turn off their air-conditioning systems. You will go from sweating to freezing once you step indoors. If you are traveling to Hong Kong during the springtime (March to June), you probably want to pack an umbrella and lots of raingear, as the destination receives a lot of rain during this time of year. There are also lots of hills and valleys, so a good pair of walking shoes will be a necessity.

Eating With Etiquette

Did you know that Chinese cuisine is all about sharing? In fact, it shows good etiquette to order one portion or sampler and share it amongst two individuals. At some restaurants, the locals even perform a polite little dance around the last dumpling in each basket. In most cases, the senior at the table would be the one to get the dumpling, but others can politely ask if they want dibs. Also, keep in mind that most Chinese cuisine is packed with bones and it shows good table manners if your place your uneaten bones on the saucer plate that will come beneath your dinner plate.

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