5 European Landmarks To Add To Your Bucket List

It’s no secret that the world is filled with some incredible landmarks, and Europe plays host to a good chunk of them.

From the world famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, to the Big Ben clock tower in London, there are some incredible landmarks that are already sitting comfortably on the bucket lists of millions across the world, but what about the lesser-known gems? In this post we’re exploring some of the best landmarks you need to add to your bucket list, so get packing, click this link to renew your EHIC card and get ready to jet off! Here are our top 5.

Alhambra Palace – Granada, Spain

The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex situated in Granada in Spain, and has stood for over 1,000 years. Having originally been constructed as a small fortress, this building has undergone countless changes in purpose and extensions to make it the stunning landmark it is today – it’s even classed as a world heritage site! Its red walls stand out among the Spanish countryside, and with a view over the whole city it’s not a place to be missed. Getting there can be done by public transport or car, but the landmark’s website suggest walking at least some of the distance by foot to get the opportunity to take in the beautiful surrounding nature!

Belém Tower – Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s gem of a landmark takes its form as a small fortress by the name of Belém Tower. This tower is composed of the medieval keep tower and the more modern bulwark, with the interior giving you just a peek at what life was like during the 1500’s – at least as far as this landmark was concerned! At the very top you’ll get an incredible view of Belém and the river that the tower sits on and while walking through the building, you can stand in awe knowing you’re within a UNESCO “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” site!

Florence’s Duomo – Florence, Italy

Coated in green, pink and white marble, Florence’s cathedral is a site to be marvelled for miles around – and that’s not even considering its interior! It took over two centuries for this building to ever be considered finished, but today it stands as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The interior is actually considered fairly plain, however the mosaic floor and intricately painted ceilings are certainly a sight you need to see. It also provides quite a nice reprieve from the Florentine heat, as the cathedral remains fairly cool in the Summer!

Milan’s Duomo – Milan, Italy

If there was ever effort put into the creation of a building, none of it can compare to Milan’s effort for its cathedral. Thousands of workers, six centuries and an entirely new canal system were required to complete the building, but it’s safe to say it was most definitely work it. The building was originally crafted in terracotta stone, but after the sheer size and grandeur started to come to fruition, it was replaced with a pink hued marble, which you can see today. It’s still not finished, either! With constant restoration and cleaning ongoing among other constructions, this could easily take the cake as the building with the longest construction time ever.

The Parthenon – Athens, Greece

If you want a true taste of Grecian architecture, the Parthenon in Athens is certainly something to add to your bucket list. Dominating the hill of the Acropolis, this mid-5th century creation was built from Marble in honour of Athena Parthenos – or ‘Athena the virgin’ to you and I. Despite the fact that time hasn’t been kind to this building and a Magazine explosion in the temple destroyed the centre in 1687, restoration work is ongoing to keep the remains standing – but it’s certainly worth a visit now!

Europe is full of some incredible sights. From the more famous, to the lesser known but incredibly beautiful, there’s certainly no limit to what you could see in Europe. What will you visit first?

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