What to Wear When You’re Pregnant

It’s no secret that being pregnant can be uncomfortable. Your body is changing so much—you have a person growing inside you after all. Between the strange food cravings to the weight you put on to the hormonal shifts, you want to be comfortable while feeling good about yourself. So much of this has to do with what you’re wearing. Pregnant women feel better when they are comfortable, supported, and fitted correctly. The balance between loose clothing and feeling slovenly is difficult to strike, but if you’re strategic you can feel good and comfortable throughout your pregnancy. Here are some things you can wear.

Large Exercise Pants

While you may be tempted to wear sweats, a great alternative are form-fitting but comfortable exercise pants. All you have to do is buy a few sizes up and you’ll have a great option for lying around the house or going on a walk. Not only are workout clothes versatile, they can be very stylish these days. You might feel weird about buying clothes for exercising when you’re pregnant, but you shouldn’t. It’s good to exercise and they’ll look great!

Plus Size Tops

You might hesitate to buy plus size tops, but you really shouldn’t. This doesn’t mean you’re fat, they will simply fit better when you’re pregnant. If you go straight to the right online store, you’ll be able to find cute plus size tops that look and feel good. With a little extra air and breathability you will feel smaller and more comfortable. Go ahead and buy the clothes you need, even if you won’t use them after the baby is delivered. You will be glad you did.

Men’s Clothing

You can even find some great clothes in the men’s section. If you’re looking for a comfortable sweatshirt or the right shirt for sleeping, men’s clothing can actually be a lot better for women who are pregnant. Ladies you know you like sleeping in a large men’s shirt. Go ahead and buy your own. You shouldn’t feel odd about buying men’s clothing for yourself. Most of it can be unisex anyways. You’ll love the diversified options.

Comfortable Shoes

Since your body is changing and you’re getting heavier with a baby growing inside you, comfortable shoes are a must. Your feet, legs, and knees need to be supported during this time. Pregnancy can be quite hard on your body, but you might forget how important shoes are. They are the foundation of your body. When you’re out and about, on a walk, or simply going to the grocery store, you want to make sure that you’re wearing supportive and comfortable footwear. With shoes, go for function first and style second.


During pregnancy, it can be difficult to feel good about yourself, but this shouldn’t be the case. Adorn your body with accessories and jewelry and you just may find that your confidence increases. If you make the effort to look how you want to look, it will change your attitude and self-esteem during this strange and life-changing time. Wear sunglasses and earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Whatever you want. Express yourself in any way you see fit.

Maternity Clothes

Of course, there are specific clothes for pregnancy, but a lot of women complain about them. Luckily there are modern brands who understand this. With a hip, eco-friendly maternity brand, you can wear clothes that are made for pregnancy without skimping on the style or the comfort. Look into the specifics and you should be able to find whatever you need. Things have changed and maternity clothes have become more stylish and effective.

Using all of these clothing ideas in tandem will provide a great for you to look your best, feel good, and be comfortable during this turbulent time of pregnancy. Every woman is different. It is important to accept how you feel and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable while boosting your self-esteem. There is no shame in wearing what you want during this time. No one will judge you, which can provide a great feeling to express yourself, let loose, and be as comfortable as you want to be. Even if you’re just thinking about getting pregnant, you can look into some great clothing options today.

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