Renting a Boat: A complete Guide to Boat Rentals

Warm summer days call for a boat ride. In this pandemic, more and more people are renting boats as it is one of the safest outdoor recreational activities that let you have fun with friends and family. Boat hiring and boat rental services NYC has been making a lot of profit with this business.

Everyone loves a picturesque worthy experience and what is more tempting than the glistening, blue water. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on buying a boat, renting a boat is a lucrative option that prioritizes a good experience without taking a plunge.

How Does Boat Rentals Work?

What kind of boat are you looking for? Sailboat, Motor Boat, Fishing Boat, luxury boat, or charter yacht. Several boat brands and manufacturers are busy making different styles and sizes of boats. First, decide for what purposes or activities have you been renting the boat for. If you like to go water skiing, go for ski boat rentals. If fishing comes at top of the list, hire a fishing boat. If you just like to spend some time with your friends or go for a bareboat vacation, opt for a Charter yacht, or a lake boat, whatever your budget allows.

What to look for in Boat Rental Services?

Rental company’s reputation, boat condition, and user reviews, to name a few. Just don’t go and rent a boat from random boat rental services without researching first. You might ruin an otherwise good day with mechanical breakdowns or sub-par gear. Many people rent a boat from an owner instead of an established boat rental company, in this case, you have to investigate a bit more about the boat condition and how previous guests rate their experience.

Age Limit To Rent a Boat

Every rental company exercises its own policy regarding age restrictions. In some cases, an 18 years old is eligible for powerboat rentals whereas some rentals allow the individual to be 21 or even 25. Charter boat rentals are a bit more flexible about the age limit as there are a crew and a captain to run the boat, except for bareboat rental.

How much does it cost to rent a boat?

Rental cost depends on the type of boat one is renting and for how long. Motorboats are more costly than sailboats, sailboats cost around $115.00 – $300.00 a day, speed boats are available for $140.00 – $250.00, and $700 to $1000. The hourly rental cost of a fishing boat is anywhere between $75-$250 and $150-$1,400 daily.

Most yachts are usually rented for a day or week, their daily and weekly renting costs are around $1,000-5,000 or $35000-90000. Renting by the hour exceeds the daily rental cost, per hour cost rental is expensive than daily and weekly boat rentals.

Lastly, you need to be an accomplished boater to operate any type of boat, most boat rentals do not come with Captain except for charter yachts. You need to pass a basic boating or boating safety program before considering renting a boat.

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