What to Wear to Painting with a Twist in Denver

When you’re going to a painting event, the first thing you may think about is your clothes. You’ll probably think that you’ll get paint splatter over that expensive shirt, but some measures can help your clothes stay stain-free. Also, you’ll have aprons to help protect your front from getting brush strokes on it. Here’s what to wear to a painting event with a twist.

Dress Casual Clothing

Sure, you may go somewhere afterward in a suit or an expensive dress, but don’t go wearing that to a sip n painting in Denver spot. Try to wear something with a colorful pattern, which can match the paints you use on the canvas.

This helps you blend everything well. Not to mention, the paint you use may be less noticeable if you spill something on your clothes. Additionally, you want to ensure that your sleeves aren’t too flowy.

You want to roll up your sleeves so that you don’t mistakenly brush around the cuffs. This way, you can wear your evening casual clothes to your favorite lounge after you’re done creating a nice piece of artwork.

Make Sure Your Items Are Machine Washable

If you’re going to a sip n painting in Denver, get rid of the silk, cashmere, or other items that need to be dry cleaned. You want to wear something that you can take off and put right in your washing machine to get rid of all the paint.

Remember, the paint environment will have a combination of acrylics, wine, and human error. This is a combination that’s waiting for an accident to happen all over your favorite shirt. It’s better to be safe than sorry when you’re using thick paint colors on sensitive garments.

Goes with the Theme

Someone may decide to have a specific theme for an event For some people, they may want to have a pajama party of their favorite characters. They can get dressed up in an easy-to-wash onesie as they watch some fun movies while painting.

Maybe it’s a funny t-shirt theme. This will add tons of comedic flair to the event and may inspire some humorous pieces. It’s a good icebreaker to help everyone get more open and creative at a paint and wine party.

Whether you’re in a more dressed-up affair or casual event, always make sure you can clean up after everything’s done.

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