What to Do When Your Parent Starts Aging

When you were growing up, your mom and dad took care of you. For awhile, you were all adults together, successfully navigating life all on your own; enjoying each other’s company, but not needing any assistance. Now, the love your parents gave you has come full circle, and they’re starting to need some extra care. Perhaps it may be time to start looking into assisted living options nearby.

Everyone gets old, and your parents are no exception. Whether it’s both parents or one, they’ve reached a time when they can’t do everything independently anymore. They may still be mobile and doing well, but a few things in their lives need to change, and it’s often up to you as their child to help them stay healthy and safe.

Starting Early

You’re likely not too worried about this season in your parents’ life–you’re worried about the season that comes after it. You’re worried about the day when in-home care or an assisted living becomes necessary, and you’re afraid (probably with good reason) that your parent will resist outside assistance. It can be a challenging experience for your parents to lose some of their independence, so they may respond with stubbornness or even hostility. To better break the ice now, and to make long-term care an easier transition when it arrives, start having conversations with your parents. Talk to them gently and patiently about long-term care, and start doing some small things for them right away. It will probably take time for them to accept someone else’s help, so getting them into the water one inch at a time will make the process easier for everyone.


While your parents may not need 24/7 care yet, they will be experiencing some health issues, and it’s a good idea to start getting informed on the details of those issues. When driving becomes difficult, you can drive Mom or Dad to their hearing or podiatry clinic. Mayfield Village, OH, to Corvallis, OR, you can find local and personalized care for your parent. Do some research and check with their insurance so you feel confident about the clinics you bring them to.


As your parents age, there will be some safety concerns you’ll want to deal with. Their risk of falling increases with age, so you may want to invest in some safety measures around their home, such as moving them to a first-floor bedroom, or buying them a walk in tub. You can check out walk in tub reviews or enlist the help of friends and family one Saturday morning to get a bedroom set up downstairs. Simple steps like these could help protect your parent from a harmful fall.

When it comes to the long-term health of your parent, you want to make sure they’re getting all the help they need. Be sure to take care of yourself during this time, and remember to be patient and reasonable with Mom or Dad. Together, you can laugh your way through some of the challenges that old age brings, and improve their quality of life in this precious season.

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