Creative Ways to Propose to Your Fiancé

Though some argue traditional proposals are a safe bet, we believe catching her (or him!) off-guard will create a more memorable, long-lasting impression. It’s a moment your loved one will never forget, so why not do something creative and unexpected? Push the element of surprise to the next level, combining uniqueness and ingenuity.

Though we believe the proposal should be an original concept, one thing that remains constant is the quality of the engagement ring. There are many types to choose from, and no one will understand your fiancé’s taste better than you. To find the perfect ring, conduct a simple Google search including your geographic location. For example, if you live in Brisbane you’d type engagement rings in Brisbane, from which you’ll discover various custom jewelry specialists.

Buying a ring is the easy part, but coming up with a unique proposal idea is tough. To help provide inspiration, here are some creative proposal ideas that she’ll share with few others:

Propose at Halloween?

Proposals often take place over the holidays, but how many proposals do you know have occurred on Halloween? You will catch your intended off-guard by presenting a ring at this time, and though it’s a spooky holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t be romantic. You can carve a pumpkin with the shape of the ring, or dress up in a way that resonates. Perhaps wear a wedding costume, or dress up as a frog hoping you’ll get a kiss!

Get Her a Puppy

This might not be for everyone, but if he or she loves puppies, this will have a profound impact. Taking care of an animal together is a big commitment, just like getting married is. Show your loved one you’re ready for a big commitment, and take things up a notch by tying an engagement ring to the pup’s collar! Your partner will be taken back by the puppy, thinking this is the main surprise, but once he or she sees the ring, emotions will run wild. As the puppy grows older and you look after it together, it will always be a symbol of your togetherness.

Give Her a Calendar

Calendars are generally unimpressive as a gift, but what if you mark the date you want to get married? To make things even more cute, you can include pictures of the two of you, alongside landmarks, and other significant events tailored to your circumstances. It might seem unimpressive at first, but when you reveal a proposal date you will astound. Assuming he or she says yes, you can decorate that month’s page and mark the date with “WE SAID YES!”

Spell It Out in Scrabble

Ask your fiancé to play a game of scrabble. During the game, find an opportunity to spell out “Will You Marry Me?” You might have to cheat a bit to get the correct letters, but you’ll be forgiven you considering the sentiment!

Flower Petal Trail

Make a trail of flowers leading to somewhere special in the house. You can include notes along the way to build suspense, and use candles for a romantic twist. When your fiancé finally reaches the end of the trail, you can be there with a red rose and an engagement ring. Use your loved one’s favorite type of flowers, and ensure the final reveal is the most memorable in the chain of events.

Take Her To The Airport

Book a holiday, and say you’ll be arriving separately. Say you’ve arranged for your partner to be picked up–but the surprise will be that you’re the taxi drive. You can go the whole nine yards and dress up like a taxi driver. When you show up, hold up a sign saying “Will You Marry Me?” Your loved one will be overwhelmed, and you can enjoy a lovely holiday together.

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