Wardrobe Storage: Design Trends and Benefits

Most of you have often wondered that despite having all the latest and trendy clothes, why if often takes so much time for you to choose an outfit. Perhaps the answer lies in your wardrobe, not in the clothes. Probably is a good wardrobe is what you are looking for. It is often said that a wardrobe is like electricity, without which the house has practically no value. No matter how beautiful it is. Getting the perfect wardrobe of your choice can be tiresome, as some of them may suit your design aspect while failing to fit into your room. Whereas others may fail to fit in your room but fall below your design requirements. This article sheds some light on the current wardrobe designs trends and the benefits of investing in a modular wardrobe.

  • Mirror Pattern Wardrobe

The mirror is equated to illusion. Mirror fitted wardrobes are perfect for small rooms and apartments. Two-sided mirrors featuring beautiful design is modern and trendy.

  • Smart and Modern Design

Like modular kitchens smart and modern design trends also dominate the wardrobe designs. Smart design can easily make room for your shoes and accessories apart from your clothes.

  • Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

Wardrobe designs with sliding doors is another design trend. The size of modern homes is limited. Therefore, it becomes challenging for the accommodate large wardrobes in a small apartment. Wardrobes with sliding doors can be designed keeping in mind the small spaces.

  • Wooden Wardrobes

Another thing to remember is that wardrobes are available in all types of materials be it wood or metal. Wooden wardrobes are known for their longevity and sophisticated looks. The warmth of wood and the easiness of design can make you your room ideal living space.

  • Wardrobes for Children

Just like adults, kids also need wardrobes to store their toys, clothes, books and shoes. The most appropriate design for children’s wardrobe features long shelves, drawers and as well as open shelves.

Now that you are well aware of the latest design trends. Let us discuss some of the advantages of wardrobes.

  • Maximization of available space

A designer wardrobe is able to fit into any kind of space. This is an appropriate solution for homeowners who are looking for an intelligent solution to their living space problems. They can be customized to fit into any space, putting the available space of your room to its best use.

  • Complements the interior design

Perfectly done wardrobe designs can complement your interior design. A built-in wardrobe can complement your décor and design. However, it important you choose the right material for styling your interior. There are a number of finishes available for which you can choose from. These are acrylic, wooden or walnut materials. Irrespective of whatever material you choose, may sure they be of the best quality. Because like a home a wardrobe os also built for a lifetime.

  • Option to customize

Modern trendy wardrobe designs can be customized as per your liking. This allows you with the freedom to adjust any configuration as per your requirement or liking. For example, if you want extra space for your shoes or want more hanger space then the wardrobe can be configured accordingly.

  • Wardrobe Lighting

Modern wardrobes have their own lighting designs. Although it is often overlooked by many. The wardrobe LED lights can beautify house up to multiple levels. They look most beautiful especially at night time or during cloudy mornings or dull days. And for all these, you need not worry about electric consumption or the environment, as LED bulbs require much less energy than traditional bulbs.

  • Wardrobes and flexible

The wardrobes are flexible and are built to fit any living space. It does not matter if your room is small or big, a well-done wardrobe can give your house a totally different outlook. Opting for a built-in wardrobe is perhaps the best decision you can make.

  • Exciting Prices

When it comes to building in or modular wardrobes, it is a common misconception that they are highly expensive. Wardrobes are priced based on your needs and your room. You certainly do not need break a bank to make such an investment. Built-in wardrobes allow you with the option to customize the wardrobe designs including cost reductions.

However, it is worth remembering that no matter how good the material is, the wardrobe designer plays a key role in the designing of the wardrobe. There are a number of companies and designers offering their services. You may also ask your friends and families before making a decision. Once you have zeroed in on any particular designer or company, fix an appointment with them. It is advisable to check with multiple designers or wardrobe manufactures before settling for one. If properly done, a wardrobe can become a long term investment, something that you would cherish for a lifetime.

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  1. I love that you talk about built-in wardrobes which can compliment the decor and design of our room as long as we choose the right material to style it. I dream of having a wardrobe like that for my bedroom because it will upgrade the look of my space. And it is something that can help me feel more comfortable and relaxed in that part of my house after noticing how unorganized my things are most of the time.

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