Five Ways to Make Traveling More Comfortable and Enjoyable for Seniors

Traveling is a lot of fun, but it can also be uncomfortable. That’s especially the case for seniors. From uncomfortable hotel beds to squeezing into lines at the airport, it’s enough to make you rethink your vacation plans.

Don’t! Traveling in your golden years is one of the best times to travel, and it doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as you think. Whether you’re planning a quick trip to the country music capital of Nashville, TN or you’re traveling abroad, these tips will ensure your trip is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Know the Benefits You’ll Enjoy at the Airport

The airport isn’t any fun for anyone, but it remains the fastest way to get nearly anywhere in the world. If you want to travel more than a few hours from home, you’ll probably have to buy a plane ticket.

Fortunately, as a senior, you get to enjoy many benefits at the airport, but you can’t take advantage of those benefits if you don’t know what they are! Before you get in the car to drive to the airport, know what you can ask for.

For example:

If you’re over the age of 75, you can leave your shoes and jacket on when going through security.
In some cases, you may be able to go through a shorter security line so you have more time to get to your gate.
Pill reminder containers, as well as liquid medications, can be taken through security.
You can request a wheelchair or transport to your gate.

Travel Medically Prepared

You’ll be relieved to know that you can take all of your medication with you in your carry-on bag, and that’s exactly where it should go. If you put it in your checked bag, you run the risk of losing your important meds.

However, you have to think about more than just your medication. You have to think carefully about your health when traveling abroad, but you also have to think about it carefully if you’re traveling domestically.

Plan ahead by making a list of all the medications you take, as well as contact information for your doctors back home. That way, you or someone you love can call on your behalf in the event of an emergency. Contact your insurance provider to see if you’re covered where you’re traveling, and if not, consider travel health insurance.

Pack Light

Packing light is a good piece of advice, no matter what your age. If you can get everything into a carry-on bag, you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage if it doesn’t make it to your destination!

It has another benefit for seniors. It means you don’t have to lug around huge bags! Use space-saving bags to get more items into your carry-on and you may not have to check a bag at all. That means you don’t have to try and wheel it into the airport, and you don’t have to try and lug it to the hotel.

Be Prepared to Get a Goodnight’s Sleep

Sleep changes as we get older. When we’re in our golden years, waking up at night is the norm, and it’s normal to experience discomfort due to the aches and pains of aging. If you want to get a good night’s sleep in the hotel, you have to come prepared.

You can make your hotel room more comfortable in many different ways. A few tips include:

Bring your own sheets and pillow from home.
Sleep on top of a comforter if the bed is hard.
Bring or request an eye mask and ear plugs.
Don’t be afraid to ask for a new room if the bed is too uncomfortable.

Give Yourself Extra Time Throughout Your Vacation

Many vacations are rushed. That causes stress for young families, but it can be downright dangerous for seniors. Avoid potential accidents and enjoy your vacation more by giving yourself plenty of time.

Leave home hours before your plane leaves, and give yourself an extra 20 minutes when you’re going to a show or you have any other appointment. It’s also a good idea to give yourself an extra day or two after you return home before you get back into your normal routine.

Don’t stay at home because you worry that travel will be too stressful and uncomfortable! With just a few quick and easy changes, you can make sure everything from your time at the airport to your stay in the hotel is as comfortable as possible.

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