Choosing The Right Flowers For Every Occasion

Flowers have always been one of the most fascinating and versatile gifts suitable for every occasion. They have the potential of boosting the mood of the receiver instantly. Surely you can give flowers to anyone at anytime, but there are certain flowers which are considered to be good for some specific occasions.

Choosing the right flower for every occasion can make you look smart and aware of the latest trends. That is why in this guide, we’ve chosen some flowers and have explained briefly how they can prove to be good for specific occasions. So, whether you’re looking for online flower delivery israel or any other place, you can refer to this guide.


Studying the symbolic meaning of a flower can suddenly change your view of it, and it is such a useful knowledge to have. Carnation flower is taken differently in different religions. For example, some consider them as the “flower of the gods”, while legends also have it that these flowers bloomed by the tears of Mary when the crucifixion happened. Be cause of the latter meaning, the pink carnations are considered as a symbol of maternal love, hence they make a perfect gift for the mother’s day.

Carnations are also available in other colors such as light red, dark red, and purple, all of them symbolize a different meaning. These flowers generally are related to love, affection and appreciation.


Lilies are also a well known type of flowers, they are usually connected with beauty, virginity and sweetness. Mostly, lilies are given as a wedding gift, but Easter lily -as the name suggests- are a perfect gift to give on Easter. They have an awesome aroma and the ability to fascinate anyone quickly.


Ah, rose, probably one of the only type of flowers a majority of us knows. These timeless classic flowers are perfect for any occasion. There are almost 120 types of these flowers of rose in the international market right now, making it difficult for the flower lovers to choose the right type.

Rose is one of the most popular symbols of love. While most of the types should be available in the local market, some can easily be bought from the online stores especially of you want to send flowers to Germany by florist germany anywhere else. Roses can make a perfect valentine’s days gift. Deep red symbolizes sorrow, yellow is connected with friendship, and while represents purity among other things. There are also a lot of other types of roses that we can write a book on.


Tulip is yet another famous flower that, based on its color, can represent various feelings and emotions.

While they have a unique identity and style, tulips are no different from other flowers when it comes to the color representation. There are a lot of different color options that you can choose from.

We recommend buying these flowers from an online shop, because this way the tags make it easier to browse and choose the exact type of flower you’re looking for.

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