Perfect Combinations of Style and Comfort: The Best Casual Shoes For Men In 2019

Are you a man who values style and comfort? Then, be sure to check out our list of the best casual shoes for men in 2019!

If you own stocks in the footwear market, we’ve got good news for you. Men are starting to hop on the shoe bandwagon. As a matter of fact, in 2017, men spent 26.2 billion dollars on shoes.

As men start to spend a little more green on what they put on their feet, they’re going to find that investing in good shoes can be a game-changer when it comes to both style and comfort. If you want to shop with confidence be sure to check only the best review websites dedicated for shoes such as Shoe Adviser. We recommend that you also check out their review for the 10 best walking shoes for men.

Speaking of style and comfort, the best casual shoes for men that are on the market today showcase both of those qualities in spades! Below, we give you our top casual shoe recommendations in hopes that we can inspire you to upgrade your ensemble.

1. Ralph Lauren Polo Faxon Sneaker

Every adult male probably owns a Ralph Lauren polo shirt. While the classic polo has been a fixture of the fashion brand, the company has expanded its reach successfully into many other clothing niches.

Footwear has been one of the most surprising ventures for Ralph Lauren and its mastery of shoes is on full display with its Polo Faxon Sneaker.

This sneaker is heavy toed, sports a comfortable sole and offers exceptional heel support all while looking fabulous.

2. Fendi Knit Bag Bugs Sneakers

Leave it to Fendi to design one of the best casual shoes for men on the market. After all, whether it’s bags or shoes, Fendi has a tendency to do things right.

Fendi’s Knit Bag Bugs model is probably the most comfortable casual men’s footwear that you’ll find via Fendi at SSENSE or through other Fendi distributors. In addition to comfort, the shoe sports a timeless, black with a hint of yellow look that’ll match great with anything.

3. New Balance 997 Sports Sneaker

New Balance has carved out a reputation for itself not for being fancy but for taking care of your feet. The New Balance 997 does exactly that by putting a premium on comfort with its cushy, slip-on fit and generous arch support.

And guess what else? This model of New Balance shoe comes packed with a lot more swag than typical models thanks to its brilliant use of colors.

4. Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Sneakers

You’d be hard-pressed to find a best casual shoes for men list that didn’t make some mention of Air Jordans. Jordans are a classic when it comes to comfortable and stylish slip-on shoes that look great with shorts or a pair of joggers.

We don’t have to tell you what makes these shoes great. Chances are, you’ve owned a pair or two in your lifetime.

5. Adidas Original Gazelle Sneakers

If simplicity is your thing, pick up the Adidas Original Gazelle sneakers. They come in various colors, sport the classic three-stripe Adidas design and feel great on your feet.

Another Adidas option is Kanye West’ Yeezy line at Stadium Goods Yeezy Boost supply.

The Best Casual Shoes for Men Are Getting Better Every Year

With more money pouring into the male shoe market, we’re seeing the best casual shoes for men get better every year. Our recommendation is to pick up one of the pairs that we’ve just suggested to you and to keep your eyes peeled once 2020 rolls around to keep adding to the style and comfort that you bring to your feet.

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