9 Ways To Earn Money While Travelling

Many people travel in order to relax. Others do so for work reasons, or to visit long-lost family or friends. Whatever your personal reasons for travelling may be, it’s often an opportunity to reflect on your life so far and where your decisions have brought you. What does the future hold? What can you expect if you keep living your life this way? How do your friends and family feel about you travelling?

Whatever the answers may be to these questions, one thing you might be feeling guilty about is not working while you travel. If your trip is for relaxation purposes, you don’t need to feel guilty about this, but there are things you can do to earn money while you travel. Here are 9 ways you can earn a little extra money even while you’re off seeing the sights.


Do you travel frequently? Do you love travelling, but wish you could turn it into a lucrative second career? Blogging could be the answer to those wishes. Becoming a travel blogger couldn’t be simpler; you just need regular content updates and a unique perspective. If you’ve got a talent for writing and an itch to travel, then consider becoming a blogger; it’ll take time to build an audience, but it’s immensely rewarding.

2. Online tutoring

Just like blogging, online tutoring is a job you can do simply with a laptop and a modicum of knowledge in your subject. A webcam is also helpful, but if you’ve got all of these things, then online tutoring could be the job for you. Helping students is incredibly rewarding, it’s not a stressful occupation, and you can decide who your clients are and when you see them. Teaching isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely an option if you’ve got good people skills and an eye for learning yourself.

3. Graphic design

Have you got a talent for visual design? You could be making it as a graphic designer. Unlike the above two jobs, you’ll probably need a more powerful laptop to be a graphic designer on the move since many graphic design programs are resource-intensive. Still, clients are always on the lookout for skilled graphic designers, so don’t be afraid to make inquiries into this potentially lucrative career.

4. Day trading

You’ve probably heard that day trading is very difficult, and you’d be right on that front. Becoming a successful day trader certainly isn’t easy; you need a good head for numbers and the ability to quickly process huge amounts of information. You can, however, choose your level of involvement with day trading, and if you just want to make a little extra money on the side then the possibility is certainly there.

5. Web design

Just like graphic design, web design is highly in demand, especially since most companies do their marketing online. If you want to be a web designer, it pays to understand how to code in HTML and CSS. You should also have a reasonable understanding of SEO and an eye for visually striking website design (naturally). Most laptops can run web design programs, so don’t worry too much about top-of-the-range hardware.

6. Social media marketing

Many companies are now outsourcing their social media marketing and management divisions to remote workers. That being the case, social media management is the perfect job for those who like to travel. Hey, you might well be checking your socials while you’re on holiday anyway, so why not turn that compulsion into a nice little earner for yourself? Again, you’ll need a good understanding of SEO and a willingness to engage with people if you want to do this.

7. Crafts

While you may not physically be able to mail the stuff you craft while you’re on holiday, having a profile on sites like Etsy is ideal if you’re a regular traveller. You can put things together using your materials during downtime on holiday, then send it to expectant customers on your return. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you could even make it a theme that you only craft items using materials you get while on your travels – that would also make a pretty solid blog!

8. Translation

What better way to use the language skills you’ve picked up on holiday than by working as a translator? People always need blocks of text translated, and by actual humans rather than AI processes. Popular languages include Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish – these will almost always be in demand – but you’ll probably be able to find work as a translator no matter what language you’re fluent in.

9. YouTube

Technically distinct from blogging (but definitely with a huge crossover), YouTube calls out to those who regularly travel. The only better way to document your travels than writing about them is to film yourself, and YouTube is an endlessly effective way to get those videos out to people who want to watch them. Getting started as a YouTuber isn’t quite as easy as becoming a blogger, but the process is still relatively straightforward and inclusive. The hard part is finding an audience!

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