7 Wonderful Reasons for Sending Flowers

The flowers are the most charming thing on this planet which is crafted by Nature. They are stunning, Pleasing, Delegate and Wonderful according to the situation in which these are given to our loved ones. The rare fact is they can be given in every situation like Birthday’s, Purposing Girlfriend, Anniversaries, Offering to God, for showing Sympathy, etc. Have you ever thought why lyricists mention flowers while writing most of the romantic songs? It is just because the flowers are beautiful and fascinating. They are fit for every circle of human life. Flowers come in different varieties and colors. Below are the few types of flowers which you can gift according to the different situations.

1. For showing you Love

Red Roses are the sign of love and romance. They look very passionate. They can be arranged in different manners like beautiful set, Bouquet of Red roses or a set of red roses shaped in heart certainly states that “You are my heart, Soul mate and i Love you”. There are many options available on the Internet by which you can get these flowers delivered to different cities. Visit Google and type Flower Delivery in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.

2. For Sympathy

The flowers are a very good way of showing sympathy or condolences. So if someone is hospitalized in your contacts, just send them a bouquet of white lilies or daisies showing the message that you care for them and wishing them “Get Well Soon”. The smell of lily is very unique and the essence of lily shows the Calmness.

3. For Friendship

The color Yellow is always closely related to the Sun itself. Yellow roses are the sign of cheerfulness, friendship. You can Yellow Roses to someone for starting a friendship or just sharing the joy of your friendship bond. Yellow roses show very warm feelings. If your friend’s Mood is off, just send them a couple of yellow roses to cheer them up.

4. For Birthdays

The flowers can be given on birthdays as well. Whatever gift you bought just add a bouquet of orchids to it. This will be going to be a wonderful combo for the Birthday Girl/Boy. Orchids are very famous flowers for birthdays because it signifies the thoughtfulness, kindness, and charm. Also, Orchid’s life is longer than other flowers. They come in different colors like Blue, Pink, White, Yellow, and Purple etc.

5. For Anniversaries

For your own anniversary, you can give flowers to your wife/girlfriend for reaching this milestone together. You can give a beautiful set of Roses and chocolates along with it. Even if you two are in different cities, send the flowers by which you can show your affection to your partner. You can also gift bouquet of Daisies to someone wishing their Anniversary.

6. For Showing Gratitude

In your office or somewhere else, one of your helps you in your work by keeping his work aside. Flowers will be a very good option for gifting that colleague. It will be a very creative way of saying “Thank you”. For this category, Purple Carnation flower will be very good options because they are very unique in looks. They come in colors like white, Red, Purple, Yellow etc.

  1. 7. For Praising Someone’s Achievement or Wishing them Luck

Achieving something takes very courage and determination. Suppose you are the boss and your employee worked amazingly for last Quarter at Hyderabad location. Get flowers delivered to the Colleague by showing you the kindness that you recognize the performance. This will give motivation to that colleague. You can send a set of Peony flowers which are well known for its good fortune.

Summarizing the facts, you can send flowers to anyone with no reason, because sending flowers mean that you are thinking of that person and you care for that person. So Keep sending the flowers and be the reason for each other’s Smile :).

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