Want to save money this holiday? Cut the costs of airport parking

Going on holiday is always exciting, but there’s no doubt about it – travelling can prove a seriously expensive business, especially if it’s a family trip.

From the plane tickets to the cost of a hotel stay to all the equipment you’ll need, the costs soon mount up and some corners can’t be cut. Whether you’re camping and need a solidly waterproofed tent or heading to the ski slopes with boots, poles and thermals, it isn’t wise to skimp on the cost of your kit.

So how can you save a bit of money this holiday? If you’re flying from a UK airport,  a study on airport parking by the British insurance provider Staysure casts some light on parking prices and popularity.

Staysure’s survey focuses on the top ten UK airports and includes:

1. Heathrow
2. Gatwick
3. Manchester
4. Stansted
5. Luton
6. Edinburgh
7. Birmingham
8. Glasgow
9. Bristol
10. Belfast International

3 out of every 5 passengers flying from the UK in 2017 did so from an airport based in London. However, online search data showed that there were three times as many searches for airport parking facilities at non-London airports.

This may be because – with Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton well connected by the public transport system and easily reachable by train and bus throughout London and the Home Counties – airport parking is simply a less practical option in the capital.

It may also be because Heathrow, as one of the most popular international airports, is a common destination for stopover flights. The biggest of the UK’s airports therefore sees many passengers who pass through it and onto connecting flights without requiring its airport parking facilities.

As parking facilities at London airports are also much more expensive, costing passengers on average £15 more per week to pre book parking and £30 more per week for last minute (on the day) parking in London than elsewhere in the UK.

It’s not surprising that if you live in London and are flying from a London airport, you might want to consider alternative transport options.

Nevertheless, pre booking your airport parking is sensible no matter where you are flying from. The average price difference, when pre booking is compared to last minute parking, is £3.70 per day which soon adds up.

Although the UK’s most expensive on the day airport parking belongs to London Luton, with a huge difference of £141.49, non London airports also charge much larger fees for last minute parking spaces. Edinburgh, with a difference of £77.00, is the most expensive non London airport to park at on the day.

So whether you’re escaping the English winter with a trip to the Caribbean, enjoying some culture in the cities of Europe or wrapping up warm for a trip to Scandinavia, it definitely pays to be prepared.

Take some time at least a week before your flight and pre book online. It’s also important to research your options beforehand and call car parks to see if you can find a better deal. It’s definitely worth giving your airport parking some consideration beforehand to stop your adventure from getting too expensive.

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