The Ultimate Guide for a Safe & Exciting Campervan Road Trip

A little bit of planning can be the difference between the adventure of a lifetime and a total disaster you’re eager to forget. If you’re heading on a campervan road trip soon, follow these five tips for a safe and exciting journey.

Plan Where You Want to Explore

Is there a purpose for your road trip? Do you want to visit national parks and explore hiking trails? Do you want to chill out at the beach and go surfing every day? Maybe it’s a bit of both, and that’s okay!

Do your research in advance to find the best places for the activities you’re interested in. This will give you an idea of what to expect and also get you excited for the trip.

Map Out the Ideal Route

Once you know the types of places you want to check out, it’s time to plan the best route to get to them all. Ensure you have nice places to make pit stops so that you aren’t driving for long periods at a time.

Even if you’re an adventurous person, you always want to remain safe. This means sticking to main highways as much as possible. If any unexpected issues arise, you don’t want to be too far away from help.

Find the Right Campervan

The next step, and possibly the most important one, is to find the perfect campervan for you. Are you traveling solo, as a couple, or with your kids? There are campervans and caravans to suit every situation and individual need.

Sometimes it is a very good idea to rent an RV before you buy. With Campstar you can compare low RV Rental rates from top brands. Book & save big on RV Rentals near you and worldwide. ️Best rates are guaranteed, and they have 26000 RVs worldwide.

To find the perfect one, you may even need to build a DIY camper van yourself! Need some help with how to deck out your van? Parked in Paradise offers useful product recommendations, so you’ll know everything you need well in advance.

Create a Realistic Budget

Check the prices of any activities you know you want to do, including rental costs and fees at any caravan parks in the UK. Of course, you’ll also need to factor in gas.

Food is another cost to consider. If you want to eat as cheaply as possible, consider going grocery shopping in the towns you find yourself in. You’ll save a lot of money by preparing your own easy and healthy meals, rather than eating out at fast food places.

Get Smart About Your Packing

A successful and organized trip means packing with a plan. Once again, think about all the things you want to do on your trip and pack accordingly. Does it get cold during the nights? What types of shoes are required? Do you really need three bathing suits?

If you’re not the driver, you should also pack something to pass the time. Remember to load up your phone with your favorite music and bring an interesting book.

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  1. More people are doing the digital nomad lifestyle and living in their campervans to explore the world. Thanks for sharing the five tips for a safe and exciting journey! This will come in handy, I’ll share it with my van life friends.

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