6 Important Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

When travelling, safety should be a paramount concern for all. In spite of the dangerous risks of being trapped in an unfortunate situation on foreign land, we certainly need not give up the very basic and useful art of travel. For women travelers, safety may not be limited to simply carrying a bottle of pepper spray around or arming themselves with the skill of martial arts. When it comes to travelling and you are all by yourself, there need to be extra precautions in place. These can be a last resort even in the most hostile situations, so read what we have for you very carefully.

1. Research Well

Before you set off, ensure you are well acquainted with the specifics of your destination. Fortunately, governments around the world issue travel advisories that would help their citizens in times of trouble. You must read these closely before making your plans. You can look up advisories here for Canada, the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Some countries would encourage you not to visit particular regions, and it is always wise to consider their instructions very seriously.

2. Keep People Informed of What You’re Doing

When you have decided on a destination, let people around you know where you will be going. Leave copies of your plans with family and close friends. Get an international or outstation mobile network connection and speak frequently to people to let them know what they are doing. Even a small text can be enough. Speak to your embassy or enroll in their traveler program, if they have one.

3. Use Technology to Your Aid

Technology has made it absolutely simple to keep in touch. There are apps that can be used to trace your location and inform your close ones when you need them to know. For example, apps like Find my iPhone can be used to your advantage. Several other applications work exactly like a panic button for office, sending a red alert to the preset contacts, who can then take necessary action.

Additionally, always stay connected to your family and friends. Use EasyRinger which will give you a new number and a local presence, enabling you to communicate with locals and family over the phone efficiently and affordably.

4. Do Not Get Extra Adventurous on Foreign Soil

Exploring is a lovely thing to do. However, you must never travel at your risk. When you refer to travel advisories issued by governments, you will find clear instructions to avoid certain places. Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not venture into dangerous territory. While travel is all about adventure and gaining new experiences, one must never forget the importance of being safe.

5. Look Sharp and Know the Rules

When you are walking around, do so with a purpose. One must not look confused or scared, as it may attract unwanted attention from malicious individuals in your favor. If approached with questions, provide straight and specific answers. In some parts of the world, certain customs are prohibited, so you must read up on them. If you are detained in foreign territory, try to be calm and ask for consular access. Keep phone numbers of your local embassy with you.

6. Be Careful with Your Documents and Keep Them On You

You must keep your documents with you at all times. These might be useful in helping you get assistance when it is required. When carrying these around, do so with great caution. People are known to have been robbed of their documents during travel. Having no documents immediately makes you illegal and undocumented, but there is no cause of panic. Proceed to your nearest embassy or consulate and declare your problem.

Travelling smart is an important part of a traveler’s planning. You must weigh your options and look for adequate reasons to put in plans on your schedule. The world is an amazing place, and one must explore it in order to truly experience it. From cuisine to culture, there is a lot we can only know when we arrive. Even in the age of the internet, there is literally so much to see, that one cannot sacrifice the dream of travel.

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