Views and Characteristics of Caregiving

Caregiving has so many different aspects. From everyday basic tasks to complicated medical care and need, it swiftly becomes understandable that caregiving is a challenging endeavor. With senior loved ones who have a stroke, we offer the best stroke care plans. We ensure to provide you with the best in-home caregiver. Here are some topics and resources associated with caregiving. It ranges from managing caregiver burnout to tips on how to connect efficiently with a senior with Dementia.

The Heart of Caregiving

For many caregivers, one of the challenges is learning to be with and overcome difficulties. Also, it is hard to understand how to navigate the challenges of another person. They are reclaiming and practicing the heart of caregiving by building connections and putting the heart into how we care for our senior clients. An inspiring and vibrant teacher for caregivers, Frank Ostaseski, has trained thousands of caregivers. His heart and work ethics are about showing what we practice while bringing ourselves to any circumstance. He has a book called The Five Invitations. It is a must-read book!

Caregiver Burnout

According to a study, it has shown that there are at least 80 million uncompensated family caregivers in the United States. They give care for their senior loved ones or loved ones with a disability, often at great personal expense physically, emotionally, and financially. While looking after a loved one can be a rewarding experience, it cures many gaps in our social safety net. Both family and in-home caregivers are too exhausted, stressed, and loaded with work. Caregiver burnout is something we try to prevent for our caregivers and family caregivers. Helping them in times of difficulty will lessen the burden that they face. Also, allowing them to have some breaks will help them breathe and think for a few days. Senior Buddies support our in-home caregivers by giving them time alone if they need to.

Independence and Dementia

Being diagnosed with Dementia can be very upsetting to accept and process. If you give this diagnosis to a senior who lives independently, it will become clear that there will be some serious problems to address. It can take some time before your senior loved one can fully accept and process the diagnosis of having Dementia.

Some people support people with Dementia while living alone; also, the resources on how to navigate the early onset of cognitive decline. The National Institute of Health is an excellent source and organization that gives many levels of information about Dementia. Moreover, Senior Buddies will help your senior loved one cope up with daily living activities. We will make sure that the in-home caregiver is always present to guide and support your loved one with Dementia. We understand the importance of caregiving, especially during a pandemic. With our dedicated in-home caregiver, we create an environment that offers independence. Often, they all need emotional support and your assistance. It is noticeable that many people start to live alone. While this is inevitable and doable, it is essential to build strong support care for them. Let us try understanding their reasons and support them with love and compassion.

Caring for a Senior Loved One with Dementia

Caring for a senior loved one with dementia is challenging yet rewarding for all involved, and every person has various demands and motivations. Caring for a senior loved one can be enriching and educational as it can be very frustrating at times. There are many inspiring talks for in-home caregivers who care for seniors with dementia. While they can uplift your souls, it will be also better if you start looking after yourself and consider finding locations that offer memory care for a more tailored approach and to avoid caregiver burnout. With that, Senior Buddies provides information on what kind of acre your senior loved one might need in creating a caregiving program. In addition, effective communication can help deal with the cognitive decline of your senior loved ones.

Pride in Care

In-home caregivers are often contacted to assist with the intimate tasks involving personal hygiene and dressing. It can be a task as easy as assisting a senior loved one with a sweater or a coat to having to help somebody in the whole routine of taking baths and dressing. Facing the chance of needing help and accepting help can be intimidating. At Senior Buddies, we understand your situation. We know it is hard to manage dementia without any help from professionals. Let us help you. If your loved one cannot manage himself anymore with his hygiene, our in-home caregiver will aid your loved one. We can be the best companion while providing care with dignity and respect. At Senior Buddies, our in-home caregivers allow your senior loved ones to cope up with their needs and difficulties as they live with confidence.

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