GypsyNesters Moving Around on Two Wheels-What are the New Features of Grundig E-Bike?

As we enter the digital age, most of us should have alternatives to our daily commutes, especially when living in the cities. Many of us would love to check the new vehicles since they integrate great technology and improve the way we perceive transportation within the city borders- and sometimes even beyond them.

At this point, it would be better to discuss more about the new GCB-1 electric bike for city transportation, which has some new features that are not easy to see in such bikes. The trip will make you a lot more knowledgeable about new technologies and zero-emissions commuting.

Enhanced Battery

First, you need to know that the new Grundig e-bike has a brand new removable LG 540Wh battery that can get fully recharged in less than 7 hours. Everyone who likes to explore electric bikes by Grundig , should know about it. This battery can get recharged as you step on the pedals, and that offers you a massive advantage toward your autonomy. Riders who come to the city center with a fully charged battery can commute anywhere they like since they have a great energy surplus.

Reduced Overall Price

As we check the prices for e-bikes, we can mention that Grundig’s new e-bike is below the threshold of $3K. That means you can easily afford to buy an e-bike like the new Grundig one and minimize the commute costs. Remember that you don’t have to pay for public transportation tickets and fuel anymore, so the purchase of the e-bike is self-funded for the most part.

Precise Shifting System

Shimano remains one of the traditional partners for all bike manufacturers, and the same happens with this Grundig e-bike. The impressive 9-gear shift system works perfectly and gives the necessary torque to the wheels to ensure that you are always in the position to get further and faster. This system is quite tested and approved, ensuring that you will always have a reliable partner close to you for your daily commute.

Maximum Speed that Exceeds the Limits

In the past years, e-bikes rarely went over the maximum speed of 20km per hour. Today, Grundig has presented an e-bike that reaches 25 km per hour top speed and is accessible even when riding on a steep hill. This makes your commute a lot faster and easier, giving you the time to devote to your family and getting you to work faster when the weather is harsh and you can’t spend much time riding your bike.

Impressive Safety Features

If you want to explore electric bikes by Grundig, it’s better to check the new and impressive safety features incorporated into this vehicle. The hydraulic brake system and the new generation LED lights are the ones that can make you visible to others and help you stop the bike rapidly when there is an emergency. These innovations that have to do with safety can transport you with the best possible safety no matter where you go.

Increased Range

This e-bike also has a maximum range that could reach up to 120km. It’s a great distance to cover within a day that is rarely needed for people living in cities. However, even if you want to take a ride to the suburbs, you could do so, relying on the great range of the battery and the e-motor that will be there to serve you.

Existence of Torque Sensors

These torque sensors are close to the pedals and in direct communication with the e-motor to send the right amount of torque to the rear wheel. That way, you will never feel tired as these torque sensors send as much torque as needed for you to be comfortable and complete your ride faster and easier.

Manufactured in the EU for Improved Quality

Finally, it’s great to learn that Grundig e-bikes are made within the European Union. As we all know, there are strict manufacturing standards for e-bikes set up on EU borders to protect the final customers. This quality has to do mainly with the battery and the e-motor, which have an optimal setting and a warranty that lasts for a long time. Also, all the safety systems having to do with brakes and gears are tested to the finest extent to ensure that riders in the EU will have no issue at all when they ride their new e-bike.

Final Words

Getting the new Grundig e-bike will only offer you advantages. Not only will you be commuting with style, but you will also reduce the costs dramatically. That is one of the main reasons people living in cities prefer to buy e-bikes as they help them reach the city center sooner than other means of transportation and assist them in reducing their living costs in a time where inflation is apparent anywhere.

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