Travelling With Toddlers In Car | Tips Every Family Needs

Toddlers can be a handful all on their own at home, and travelling with them can be just as tedious and hectic. They love to move around and explore, and travelling tends to restrict this quite a bit. This can agitate them and create a long car ride with a very fussy toddler. Here a few tips for parents that will hopefully come in handy for that next car ride or trip you have planned.

Have the Right Car Seat

For trips, toddlers travel by car seat. It is important that it is up to the task and installed correctly. The car seat should be comfortable for long journeys. It should be installed and adjusted to prevent any shifting or cause any harm or discomfort to your toddler. An uncomfortable car seat will add misery to your car ride, which you are trying to avoid. A proper car seat will support your toddler while keeping them stable and well-positioned. An example of a great car seat is the Daiichi baby car seat. This car seat will firmly support the waist, neck and head of your toddler, keeping them in the perfect position throughout your ride while providing comfort.

Entertainment is Key

Keeping toddlers entertained when taking a road trip is extremely important. Still, it is impossible to do if you are the driver. While you focus on the road, your toddler must have something to focus on too. Ensure you take along books and toys for the ride to keep your toddler distracted and entertained. Playing music can also help the rider to go by a lot quicker and is fun for everyone. Singing along to kid-friendly songs is a great way to involve your toddler during the journey and keep them occupied.

Ensure their favourite things are close by. There are multiple backseat organisers that can be utilised to keep what they want within their reach. Additionally, if your toddler has a device, or you have one that they can use, downloading fun movies or cartoons that they can watch. If another adult or mature passenger is travelling with you, they can help to keep the entertainment going and serve as a companion to your toddler. Similarly, if you need a break or would prefer to be the backseat companion, that person can take over the driving for a while.

When all toys and videos have lost their power, your toddler may need a nap. To keep the comfort going, ensure you take along their favourite blanket or comforter to soothe and pacify them during the ride.

Take Plenty of Snacks

Snacks are crucial to any trip or activity involving toddlers. You can never go wrong with having an abundance of snacks for a ride. Snacks can add to the entertainment your toddler needs. In the case of a tantrum or fussing episode, their favourite snack or drink might be just what they need to dry those tears and soothe their misery. While packing snacks, avoid packing too much juice and snacks with high sugar content. The last thing you want is a toddler with so much energy you run out of things to entertain them with.


Road trips with your toddler do not have to cause panic or dread. They can be fun and exciting and a good way to have bonding time with your children. Just plan, do the necessary checks, and appropriate packing. Everyone will be ready for and look forward to the road!

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