Travelling Bali with Kids: Best Tips to Select Bali Family Villas

Holidaying in Bali can get slightly complicated when you have the little ones in tow. However, it really shouldn’t be! Although it’s true that you have more to plan to ensure everybody is happy, many of your concerns may be solved by one simple solution: choosing the right accommodation. Now, what makes a good family-friendly home, you ask? In this article, I will share with you our best tips for looking for a family villa in Bali.

First thing first, why a villa?

In recent years, more and more families are opting to stay in villas and holiday apartments as compared to hotels, and for good reasons. You can enjoy a much bigger space, and the villas come with staff who will be able to assist you during the stay. Whether you need to baby-proof the property, prepare breakfast or get a babysitter, you can easily arrange that. The number of villas in Bali is huge, though, so it might take some time to look for your perfect holiday home. Here are our best tips to help you narrow down your search.

1. Choose the location

There are villas all around Bali, so it’s easier when you decide where to go first, then find the villas in that location. If it’s your first time to Bali, here is a general guideline. The South of Bali (Seminyak, Canggu) is most developed with plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes and shopping malls here. Ubud is the cultural hub of Bali and also a popular destination for tourists. The North, East and West sides of Bali are more quiet, but they provide a more authentic experience and also bring you closer to nature.

2. Decide on the number of rooms

Unlike hotels where you can just add one more room as there are more people, villas have a maximum capacity of guests. You won’t be able to bring 15 people to a 5 bedroom villa, unless the villa can set up extra beds for you. Hence, make sure you know how many people are joining the trip and book the villa of the right size.

3. Make a list of child-friendly facilities

Each family is different, so you need to think about what your child (or you) really need. Here are the most-requested family items:

Pool fence
Baby cot
High chair

Besides those, you can also consider if you want to cook at the villa, if you need a chef, a babysitter, a car seat, and more. Make a list of your necessities so you don’t miss any as you continue your search.

4. Set a budget

The price difference between villas can be quite huge, so be sure to set a budget to limit your search. It’s gonna be a waste of time if you finally find a villa you like, just to find out that it’s out of range.

5. Check what’s around the villa

If you are coming with kids, consider a neighbourhood that’s not too rowdy (like the center of the tourist district) but not too isolated either. You want to be away from the party crowd, but still close enough to family-friendly attractions, restaurants and other facilities. In case you need something, you can easily find them.

Once you know what you are looking for, it’s quite straightforward. Travelling with kids can be more challenging than going alone, but it’s gonna be so worth it when you see their happy face as they soak in the knowledge of the world.

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