Australian Football League: The Pre-eminent and Professional Sport

History of Australian Football League

Started as a winter sport by cricketing mates to keep the fitness levels up, Australian Football originated as a secondary sport. Tweaking some things in and deleting some rules from rugby a new native game became fundamentally crucial in Australia. Having all the tits and bits of rugby, it needed endurance, hand and foot coordination to make the game even more enjoyable.

Gradually, over the years, the rules of the game evolved. The television telecasted several rugby games all over the world. With lots of action and thrilling sequences, this Australian football became the pre-eminent sport of Australia. The Aussie rules-driven game now features the highest spectator attendance compared to every other sport played in this country.

With its continuous demand, Australian football has evolved into a highly competitive professional league that brings 18 teams to the fore, from across the country. The teams play 22 home and away season games throughout the year and the top eight positions at the end qualify for finals. In the end, a play-off is played in a four-round finals series that leads to the much-feted Grand Final. To get more details about the scheduled dates and venues of the Australian Football League of 2020 you can visit website and book your tickets as soon as possible.


Australian Football League is played on an oval field where the players have to kick the ball between the goal-posts to score points. Throwing is not allowed, but one can kick the ball, especially it’s caught for possession. The techniques of moving the ball involve a combination of kicking, handballing and running in which a player must bounce and catch it at every 15 meters to avoid being penalized.

The grounds are ovoid, and two tall goal posts guard the end of the field, covered by two shorter posts. The game duration consists of 4 quarters, each of 20 minutes active play. For a single game, there are three central umpires, near the boundary four umpires and lastly two goal umpires on-field. The main objective of AFL teams is to win the games handsomely by scoring more points within the match duration than the opposition team by throwing the ball between the posts.

You can use your hands and feet to move the ball around the ground and go for the ultimate glory by scoring points. Each goal is scored by kicking the ball through the two goal-posts at the scoring end. It might look simple, but players need to be aware of the various kinds of kicks prevalent in a rugby game including the drop-punt, the evergreen torpedo, and the handy dribble, etc. Throwing and scooping are popular actions. Players need to refrain from pushing in the back or dropping the ball as they are not legal tackles and the players will concede a free-kick as a penalty.

Australian Football League Betting rules

A unique betting market mostly targeted for Australians, the Australian football league has several betting sites that provide several betting tips and strategies from their expert reviewers. There are a variety of bonus bets and odds in these sites, and with experience and thorough knowledge, one can also give a run for their money to seasoned bettors.

While betting is unpredictable and uncertain, it is advisable that in Australian Football League bets should be hedged, or you might lose once in a while. Some bookmakers offer tight money lines for the preliminary finals and finals so back it up with research and place standard bets like spread, money line and prop bets through online betting platforms.

Ultimately, there are some exciting future bets for winners of the Grand Final so check for these novelty bets and try to make some money in Australian Rules football betting. Simultaneously, be aware not to use more than 10% of your budget and always spread your bets. Also, before entering this betting spree read all the promotional terms and conditions very carefully and get started on your betting journey.

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