The City Experience: All That One Can Enjoy In New York

New York, the busiest, and the most populated cities of the United States have culturally diverse options to enjoy. If you are looking for sports, then New York is the place for any sports fans where they get to experience football fanatics as well as baseball and basketball enthusiastic. Enriched with some pretty cool sports bar and apparel shops for sports lovers, Big Apple has tempted fans to get around this place once in a lifetime.

I happened to be in this city to enjoy this big city and also to attend a sports event as New York City is the utopia for a sports fan. By researching a sports guide, I negotiated with three of the city’s most popular games: Baseball, basketball, and ice hockey, and made an informed choice to watch one baseball sports event at the Yankee Stadium. It includes a monument park, a great hall, and Babe Ruth Plaza that one can enjoy in the surroundings.

I took a subway and reached 161st street within half an hour. With plenty of tickets to go around, I chose a superior vantage point to enjoy celebrity spotting. The match was between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching as a spectator. With its sleek entertainment and sports arena, this place was worth pushing in to and scream for your favourite team until you are hoarse.

Exploring the City:

With an excellent public transportation network, New York does boast of famous attractions. You can walk, bike, or sail, to explore the city and unfold magic in itself. Let’s get to know how you can enjoy and explore this beautiful city.

1. Walking in Times Square

One of the fantastic ways to explore New York is on foot, and Times Square is the best place to unravel the secrets of this city. You can experience the city through its bustling lifestyle that has reams of cars and shoppers all around. You get to immerse yourself in its mind-blowing sights, meet locals and admire the varied architecture of the city. This place is covered with several quirky shops and cafés, or take a stroll through Central Park.

2. Embark on a Cruise

Embarking on a cruise is a magnificent way to see New York City from the water. With some variety of themed excursions and sightseeing tours around Manhattan, you get to see some fantastic views of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, etc. The tickets are a bit on a higher side, but you get to embark on a memorable trip. Please click here and get some special discounts on your packages.

3. See the City from Above

For a unique outlook of NYC and to get a genuinely mesmerizing experience, climb atop its famous landmarks at the top of the Rock or a high story deck for an unmatched experience. The One World Observatory, located on top of One World Trade Centre, includes a panoramic rooftop skyline view. If you go on a helicopter ride, you can undoubtedly capture outstanding shots of New York City skyline and to cherish those memories for a lifetime.

4. Cycle around the Streets

One of the most inexpensive way to get around New York City a cycle ride can easily cover the best areas of the city and get in touch with some beautiful viewpoints. The greenways along the Hudson River and East River are some of the best lanes to visit.

5. Go on a Movie Tour

Going on a movie tour in New York is definitely on a bucket list in which you get to see some of its famous filming locations. You can opt for a guided tour to enjoy the history of the perfect cinema city and satisfy your travel aspirations.

6. Eat Your Way around New York City

New York is famous for its fabulously diverse food from pizza parlours to Michelin starred restaurants, the city offers a lot of variety. There is some outstanding cuisine that you can try out along with Greek taverns that are known to provide terrific seafood that you can’t miss.

Looking for more things to do in NYC? Check out this article for more ideas.

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