Car Accident Legal Advice: This is What to Do After Being in a Crash

Did you know that over six million car accidents take place in the US yearly?

While the majority of these accidents will include property damage only, many of them involve personal injury to either the driver or passengers. In that case you will need to contact an attorney. Moreover, a large amount of them end up being fatal.

If you are involved in a car accident, then there are certain things that you need to do. Here is some car accident legal advice that will set you on the right path.

What You Should Do Immediately

When you are involved in a car accident there are things that you should and shouldn’t do. First, it is important to remain on the scene and call the police.

Never drive away. Leave the vehicles as is unless they are limiting the flow of traffic. Additionally, try to prevent other accidents by keeping your indicators on or set up flares.

Record Keeping

Even if no one is seriously injured, still call the police. A police report could come in handy to file an insurance claim for damages done to your car.

Once the police arrive on the scene, give the investigating officer all the details of the accident. If you don’t know something, simply tell the officer that you don’t know. Speculation and guessing may go against you in the long run.

State any injuries that you have sustained, and if you are not certain, then say so. Ensure that the officers also collect statements from the other party involved. Be sure to take pictures of the accident.

If injured take pictures of Your injuries as well. Make sure that this, however, does not interfere in the ongoing police investigations.

Exchanging Information

If there is no police response to the car wreck then exchange crucial details such as name, number, address of all involved in the accident including passengers. Get insurance details as well as contact information for all witnesses.

If police respond then you’ll get a police report number. You can use this at a later date to get hold of a police report.

Car Accident Legal Advice

Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible. The sooner you report the accident and the more you co-operate, the better it will be for you.

Verify if you have medical benefits in your insurance coverage. If you do, then you’ll need to submit all medical bills related to the accident.

If involved in an accident with a truck, you will also need to file a claim, but you might also want to consider hiring a lawyer to file a truck accident lawsuit.

Being Knowledgeable Helps You

When it comes to being involved in an accident, knowing some crucial facts can make a difference. So it’s important to be aware of car accident legal advice.

From knowing what to do on the scene to making a claim, the tips outlined above will ensure that you get any compensation that is due to you.

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