Touring Melbourne with your Dog: What you should know

You’ve packed the carrier, lead, treats and toys and your pooch is ready to take a vacation from his favorite kennel from What else do you need to know if you’re visiting Melbourne with your dog? We have put together a list of tips and places we recommend if you’re travelling with your canine best friend. So whether its Sausage, Chihuahua or American Bulldog – check in into Melbourne with your pup and check out what there is to offer.

First, we hate to put a downer on your travels, but it’s always good to know where to go in a medical emergency. And Melbourne has several options if you’re in need of after-hours veterinary care. Lort Smith in North Melbourne or Care in Collingwood are the two major animal hospitals open 24/7. Other options include calling the Animal Emergency Centre (AEC) helpline. AEC will triage and direct you to their clinics around Melbourne.  Their Mount Waverly and Hallam branches are open 24/7. Having up-to-date pet insurance can help to mitigate out-of-pocket costs for emergency treatment.

Accommodation wise, Melbourne offers many options for if you’re visiting with pets. For apartment rentals like Airbnbs you’ll need to check with individual hosts. Hotel wise, Best Western Melbourne City, Somerset on Elizabeth and the Pullman Albert Park have you covered. There is also a bunch of additional pet services that you can select from when staying at higher end, pet-friendly accommodation. Dog sitting is especially handy if you’re planning a day trip such as to an art gallery, a theme park in Melbourne, or just a late night out. Mobile dog grooming can also come to you, should your best friend need a bath, clip or general pampering after a hard day playing and sight-seeing.

Taking your dog to the beach is one of the best excursions, even in cool weather. Stretches of St Kilda and Port Melbourne welcome off-lead dogs all year round. Then at certain times of the year, April to October, many more Melbourne’s beaches will welcome dogs, or welcome dogs in the morning. There are a number of online maps that will direct you to where the all-year round off-leash parks are located. But well-known, coastal dog parks are found near Altona (Burns Reserve) and Sandown Street Beach in Brighton.

If you’re a foodie, you don’t have to miss out if you are travelling with your dog. Many inner city cafes with alfresco dining out the front of their establishment (sidewalk dining) will welcome a well-behaved dog. If you’re feeling shy to ask the staff, keep your eyes peeled for a dog water bowl near the entrance. This is a strong indication that pets will be welcome. Melbourne’s mix of animal and food lovers has also resulted in a dedicated dog café. Called Dog House, they offer dogacinos, pampering options, dress-ups and a special food menu. Also try Republic of Elwood, The Great Northern (North Fitzroy) and Dish and Spoon (Camberwell) for places that go out of their way to cater for dogs and their humans.

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