How to Choose a Kitchen Sink that’s Right for Your New Home

It is exciting to have a new home, but it is also overwhelming to design its interiors because of so many furnishings to choose from. Take kitchen sinks for instance. With the vast number of different designs, it can be difficult to pick the perfect kitchen sink for your new home.

Consider some of the factors narrowed down below to guide you in landing the perfect kitchen sink fit for the interior of your kitchen space.

Pick a Size

There are only two options to choose from in considering the size of the kitchen sink, and these are either big or small. But whether the size is generally big or small, different types of kitchen sinks still come in various dimensions and shapes. This is the reason why assessing whether your kitchen has room for a big or small sink is important beforehand. Factor in also the kitchen sink’s functionality. Perhaps a small kitchen sink will do if you have a dishwasher in your kitchen.

Select a Shape

The three most common kitchen sink shapes are round sinks, rectangular sinks, and farmhouse sinks.

Round Sinks. A round shape is very popular in kitchen sinks because apart from how these look and blend well with the kitchen interior, these can also accommodate a variety of dishes, pots and pans. Round sinks usually come small or big sizes, made from different types of materials and colors. It is advisable to use a round sink placed if it will be placed in the corners of the kitchen.
Rectangular Sinks. A rectangular shape is considered sleek and modern and blends in with a minimalist vibe. However, rectangular sinks are more difficult to clean when compared to round-shaped sinks.
Farmhouse Sinks. Farmhouse sinks are very similar to rectangular sinks, but these have slightly curved edges that soften the look. Additionally, farmhouse sinks do not really come in a variety of colors.

There are also custom-made sinks that may come in different shapes, sometimes to fit the space intended for the kitchen sink, other times to fit the motif of the kitchen interior. Nonetheless, it is again important to consider the overall functionality of the kitchen sink in choosing a specific kitchen sink shape.

Know About Installation Types

There are two basic ways of installing kitchen sinks, and this can either be top-mount or under mount. Top-mount sinks are more common than under mount sinks and much easier to install. These basically fit into the allotted space on the countertop. One drawback however is that these are generally more difficult to clean. On the other hand, since under mount kitchen sinks are installed under the countertop, these are usually supported by a base structure, which also functions as a cabinet. Under mount kitchen sinks take up less space and are relatively easier to clean. However, under mount sinks are more expensive compared to top-mount sinks.

There is also a customized manner of installing a kitchen sink and this installation type is referred to as a flush-mount sink. It is usually designed using the materials making up the countertop, hiding any visible edges. Hence, flush-mount sinks are the most expensive in terms of installation types.

Consider the Kitchen Configuration

Configuration refers to the number of bowls that you intend to have in your sink. Typical kitchen households incorporate the use of a single-bowl sink that fits the kitchen interior theme perfectly. However, there is also the option of using a double-bowl sink, especially if the kitchen space permits. But since it utilizes two bowls, it follows that this kitchen sink configuration is more expensive. Other people prefer to have a combination of a small and a large bowl with a double sink configuration, while others use two identical bowls. Generally, the number of bowls is determined by the kitchen space limitations, but your personal needs also need to be considered.

Choose a Material

Kitchen sinks can be made from a variety of materials and more often than not, the material dictates the appearance of the kitchen sink. A kitchen sink can be made from stainless steel, which is the most common material used because of its durability. It can also be made from porcelain which is more common in washrooms and bathrooms. There are some people who prefer granite-made kitchen sinks or natural stone kitchen sinks, especially if their kitchen has a contemporary look.

Overall, while your kitchen space may dictate the size, shape, installation type and configuration of your kitchen sink, the material your kitchen sink is made from is more affected by the interior design of your kitchen. Nonetheless, prioritize the functionality you want to achieve in parallel with the considerations stated above.

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