8 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Tibet

Tibet is a region that is synonymous with spiritual enlightenment, monasteries full of art and style, turquoise and pure, holy lakes, mountain peaks that touch the pristine sky and the colorful flags all over the landscape.

Traveling to Tibet in recent years is popular among travelers, due to the availability of travel, but also because of the tradition and culture that the Tibetans have, so tourists from the Western World want to learn as much as possible about it.

Tibet has always been tempting for those with a great adventurous spirit. The Mount Everest climb is a great challenge for those who love the mountains and heights.

Having a tour in Tibet can be for everyone, even for those with less enthusiasm for adventure. Tibet has something for everyone.

Before packing your suitcases for your next trip to Tibet, read these things you need to know about Tibet.

1.  The roof of the World

Tibet is the highest region on the planet with an average evaluation of 5000 meters above sea level. It deserves to receive the nickname, due to the altitude at which it is located. The highest point in Tibet is Mount Everest, with 8,848 meters above sea level.

2.  Tour Guide

The vital thing about traveling on a Tibet tour is that you can not provide the tour on your own, which means that you need to book a tour in Tibet with a travel agency. It is forbidden to walk and explore without a companion of a licensed tour guide. Even if you are passionate backpacker, you need to travel in a group while you are in Tibet. So, go ahead and book your tour in Tibet and have an amazing

3.  Tibet Travel Permit

Another reason that you need to book your Tibet tour with a travel agency is the Tibet Travel Permit. The foreign tourists can not enter Tibet without this document.

Who to get e Tibet Travel Permit?

Well, as I said you could not get by yourself, the travel agency will apply for the permit on your behalf. After you get the Chinese visa, you need to scan the visa and also the personal information page of your passport, send it to the travel agency, and their team will arrange the Tibet Travel Permit for you.

You can have the document when you check in the hotel in China.

Advice: Do not make a copy of Tibet Travel Permit, always show the original document.

4.  The oxygen in Tibet

As I said, Tibet is the highest region in the World. Apart from the beautiful things that come to that altitude, some things are not so lovely and pleasant, as is the low percentage of oxygen in the air.

Before you travel to Tibet trip, you should be prepared for this kind of condition.

So, what are the main sights for altitude sickness?

First that you feel when you have altitude sickness is the headache, dizziness, difficulty breathing, nausea is also very common among the travelers. Maybe you will feel chest tightness and drowsiness.

If you feel some of these conditions, don’t panic, that may worsen the situation if you ask a doctor he will tell you the same to stay calm and not to panic. The lack of oxygen is temporary. It needs some time for your body to get accustomed to the new condition.

Every tour agency will provide a bottle of oxygen, so if you need it, the tour guide will provide to you.

The necessary time for acclimatization is usually two to three days. Therefore, almost all tours for Tibet start from Lhasa. You will be in Lhasa for two days while acclimatizing and then continue with your Tibet travel.

5.  When is the best time for tour in Tibet

The spring in Tibet begins from April to May when the ice from the lakes melts, and the whole nature comes alive. However, the temperatures are still low.

In the period from June to September in Tibet is summer. This is the most favorable period for visiting Tibet since the temperatures are somewhat higher, but the percentage of oxygen in the air is increasing. However, from July to August is the rainy season. But the rainy season is not the reason for not visiting Tibet, because rain falls in minimal quantities, so it is not a big issue.

From October to February is winter. It is not advisable to travel to Tibet during the winter, as most of the lakes are frozen, and the beauties that are at a higher altitude will not be able to visit.

6.  What to pack during your Tibet Tour

Whether you travel to Tibet in summer or in other times of the year, always in your backpack you need to pack warm clothes, as well as woolen socks. Due to temperature daytime differences, you should wear lightweight T-shirts as well as slippers. You will need the sticks in your accommodation, so you do not get barefooted. It is compulsory to have comfortable shoes, and if your tour includes hiking or trekking, it is desirable to wear suitable boots for these conditions.

First aid kit is mandatory, also carry painkillers, medicine for colds and flu, medicine for nausea and vomiting. You should also pack medication for diarrhea.

Do not forget the sunscreen, glasses, and it is desirable to take a lip balm. Because of the altitude, ultraviolet sun rays are much stronger, so you have to be well protected during your trip to Tibet.

7.  Tibet festivals to visit during your tour

Tibetan New Year

Tibetan New Year is also known as Losar. It is a traditional festival for all Tibetan people, and it is the most important festivals in Tibet.

Tibetan New Year is celebrating from the first day of the new year of Tibetan calendar, which corresponds to a date in February or March in the Gregorian calendar. The festival started on January 1st of the Tibetan calendar, and it lasts for 15 days.

During the celebrating the enter in Tibet is forbidden for foreign tourists.

Saga Dawa Festival

Saga Dava festival celebrates the celebration of the birth of Gautama Buddha; stepped into Buddhahood and died (parinirvana).

Saga Dawa festival starts celebrating the 15th day of the fourth month of the Tibetan Calendar. The celebration lasts for a month, and this month is known as the “month of merit.” The 15th day of the celebration is the holiest day when it is a full moon.

The tourists can be part of Saga Dawa festival in Tibet. Many Tibetans are going to Mt.Kailash (the most sacred mountain). Also, many people are circling around Bakhor street and Potala Palace.

Shoton festival

Shoton festival is also known as Yoghurt festival, and it is the most popular traditional festival. It is celebrated each year in August or at the end of the sixth or early seventh month according to the Tibetan calendar. Tourists can be part of the festival, because the main ceremony is on the western part of Lhasa, in the Norbulingka Palace.

8.  Don’ts in Tibet

Tibet is a unique country, and also Tibetans are. The Tibetans have great respect among themselves. So we as tourists in their country should respect their rules and traditions.

Don’t touch Tibetan people’s head.
Do not disrespect Tibetan religion, they are very sensitive about that.
Don’t take photos of local people, without asking permission.
Do not address a Tibetan directly by the name. Always use suffix like “La”, “Agyi” or “Ajog”. This is the same as “Mr” Mrs” or ”Miss” in western culture.
Do not step on a threshold when you enter in Tibetan house or tend.
Do not clap your palms behind Tibetan people.
Don’t take a prayer flags or prayer stones.
Do not take a photo of Buddha statues in major Monasteries.
Don’t enter Monasteries or Temples without proper clothes.
Don’t enter Monasteries with hat on your head.

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